The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for You can view attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer. Instruire Mutt sur la conduite à tenir face à certaines pièces set mailcap_path = “~/.mutt/mailcap” alternative_order text/html text/plain set. When an attachment is viewed using an interactive program, and the corresponding mailcap entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use $wait_key and the exit.

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The next field is the size of the attachment, rounded to kilobytes or megabytes. If specified, this overrides Mutt’s default attempt everything, in the order listed above. This quadoption controls whether or not the user is automatically placed in the editor when forwarding messages. Using external nailcap output in configuration files. When header editing is enabled, you can create a Mail-Followup-To header manually.

These apply to non-ASCII character sets, which can have single symbols called collating elements that are represented with more than one character, as well as several characters that are equivalent mailacp collating or sorting purposes:. The information you see in the index is a list of emails, each with its number on the muyt, its flags new email, important email, email that has been forwarded or replied to, tagged email, If any of the recipients are subscribed mailing lists, this header will contain all the recipients muttt whom you send this message, but not your address.

These MIME parts can only be viewed from the attachment menu. See Message Matching in Hooks for information on the exact format of pattern. Debian is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

If unset, no such confirmation prompt will be presented. This makes them more robust and portable, and also facilitates defining of macros in files used by more than one user e.


All text after the comment character to the end of the line is ignored. The other 20 percent, however, is slightly more problematic. For details on the other capabilities, please have a look mwilcap the mixmaster documentation. For some IMAP servers, enabling this will slightly speed up downloading initial messages.

This command is used to execute any command you would normally put in a configuration file. I have done some limited testing of opening various emails with links and w3m and I have found that w3m actually works a bit better. When searching for an entry in the mailcap file, Mutt will search for the most useful entry for its purpose.

The Mail-Followup-To header is a non-standard extension which is not supported by all mail user agents. The search is case sensitive if the pattern contains at least one upper case letter, and case insensitive otherwise.

Mutt will expand this to the value of the specified parameter from the Content-Type: The S-Lang library requires you to use the lightgray and brown keywords instead of white and yellow when setting this variable. It depends on the database library used for header caching whether disk space freed by removing messages is re-used.

Patterns matching lists of addresses notably c, C, p, P and t match if there is at least one match in the whole list.

A draft file passed with -H will be used as the initial header and body for the message. The pgp or smime menus provide a selection to temporarily disable this option for the current message.

Advanced mailcap Usage

Its value is determined at startup as follows: This means that mailcap does not work out of the box with programs which detach themselves from the terminal right after starting, like open on Mac OS X. This could be a security risk. When this variable is setmutt will use file size mailccap instead of access time when checking for new mail in jailcap and mmdf folders.


These commands can be used to execute arbitrary configuration commands based upon recipients of the message. Besides the mailcap mechanism, Mutt uses a number of other external utilities for operation, for example to provide crypto support, in backtick expansion in configuration files or format string filters.

Mutt and HTML email

The default is well within the RFC-specified minimum amount of time 30 minutes before a server is allowed to do this, but in practice the RFC does get violated every now and then. They will find the line which calls lynx, and run it.

This variable is unset by default and should only be enabled when new mail detection for these folder types is unreliable or doesn’t work. Maildir maybe slower to open without caching in Mutt, it too is not very disk-space efficient depending on the environment.

The keywords Mutt expands are:. The MIME types you give to the attachments directive are a kind of pattern. Asks for an external Unix command and executes it.

How I Read HTML E-mail with Mutt – TerminalMage dot NET

Note that the brackets in these class names are part of the symbolic names, and must be included in addition to the maailcap delimiting the bracket list. Since this variable is primarily aimed at new users, neither of these should present a major problem.

The score commands adds value to a message’s score if pattern matches it.

There is even more information available in the Mutt FAQ and various web pages. Also the monitoring handles might fail in rare conditions, so you better don’t completely rely on this feature.

One could use this to replace the pipe to more in the lynx -dump example in the Basic section: