méthodes d’analyse pour le contrôle officiel des teneurs en mycotoxines des denrées alimentaires (JO L 70 du , p. 12). Résumé. Les mycotoxines sont des produits issus du métabolisme secondaire des . pour réduire la présence des mycotoxines dans les denrées alimentaires. mycotoxines par les espèces de moisissures nous aidera à contrôler la production Moisissures et mycotoxines dans les denrées alimentaires et dans le riz.

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Request for Comments and Information http: Anne-Constance Peta Thu, 16 Dec Discussion on the findings and possible follow-up. DG 24 Summary record of the 82nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Foodstuffs held in Brussels on the 14 nd and 15th of June http: A Workgroup Report http: A risk for public health?

Il existe plus de 20 sortes d’aflatoxines.

Pet food testing fell short http: Autres informations concernant les aflatoxines: Evaluation des risques lies a la presence de mycotoxines dans les chaines alimentaires humaine et animale -http: FDA – Aflatoxins http: Liver Cancer and Aflatoxin http: DG 24 Summary record of the 83rd meeting of the Standing Committee on Foodstuffs held in Brussels on the 19th and 20th of July http: Toxicology, metabolism and prevention http: Marc Kieny Thu, 9 Dec BBC Food scare in Bangladesh Bangladeshi experts say they have detected dangerous levels of a poisonous chemical – aflatoxin – in poultry feeds available on the market.


Pistaches en Asie occidentale http: Keratitis due to Aspergillus flavus: Wikipedia – fiche aflatoxin http: The European Community has established sampling provisions to control the level of aflatoxin M1 in milk and is in the process of adopting sampling provisions for the control of Ochratoxin A in cereals.

How much costlier is the production of aflatoxin-free milk in transition countries? Diary cows are restricted to eating 20 parts per billion of Aflatoxin as well, but mature cattle can eat grain at higher levels — up to parts per billion, the Journal said.

Kits mycotoxines | Détection rapide et fiable des mycotoxines

Rapport complet en anglais http: Anne-Constance Peta Fri, 3 Dec Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, Vol. Discussion on the establishment of a specific limit for aflatoxins in cereals to be subjected to sorting or other physical treatment.

Adns – Update on the situation with regard the RASFF notifications on findings of the presence of high levels of aflatoxins in peanuts originating from China, peanuts from Egypt, pistachio’s from Iran and figs, pistachio’s and hazelnuts from Turkey.


The Clinical Toxicity of Dimethylamine Borane http: Clinical profile, molecular identification of fungal strains and detection of aflatoxin production http: Les aflatoxines B1 et les aflatoxines totales B1, B2, G1, G2 dans les fruits secs, amandes, noisettes, raisin sec, ,. Corn used in tainted dog food not alimentairess tested http: Mohammed Rahmani Vendredi Warning over disposal of toxic maize http: Je renvoie au dentes FAO qui conseille de donner des aliments hors norme aux animaux en engraissement.

S’agissant des recommandations qui, comme leur nom l’indique, ne sont pas des textes contraignantson peut signaler:. Bien entendu, il y a des exceptions, comme par exemple les normes rendues d’usage obligatoire normes engrais par exemple. Alcalde Rovira RoureLleida, Spain.

OMC – Atelier sur l’analyse des risques http: Albert Amgar Vendredi Wed, 15 Dec Published online May Aflatoxins and Hepatocarcinoma http: Incidence of Dehres, Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone in products commercialized in the cities of Alimentaire Gerais state in –