– Buy Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk/ The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk book online at best prices in India on Read Las. Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk has ratings and reviews. Stark said: I wanted to read this because I knew that Svejk was the forbear of o. Las aventuras del buen soldado Svejk / The Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk (Spanish) Paperback – Apr 1 by Jaroslav Hasek (Author). Be the first to.

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Unless you’re looking for primary soldao documents from the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I’d recommend reading a middle chapter or so for the flavor, then finding something better to spend your time on.

While perusing Svejk was interesting in a historical sense, unfortunately I ended aventiras not finding it as enjoyable as I had hoped. Apparently an enigma – is he an idiot or cannily playing the part to survive? You can crawl naked on the floor, howl like a jackal, rage and bite. But I for one, am glad that Heller transmitted whatever he saw in Svejk to me in a way that could blow my teenage mind forever in his own book.

The seemingly brainless Svejk who was called soldad to ‘do his duty’ in WWI spent all of his time winding up the more pompous of his fellow men usually officers and bureaucrats and the occasional woman too. Hasek’s point about the futility of war is amply illustrated and there is a good bit of humor in the story. Want to Read saving….


He also wrote some 1, short stories. Lists with This Book. Zenny His age is not mentioned in the book.

View all 4 comments. In fact, that was the problem with Svejk, from where I see him.

When something comical does occur, it’s generally of the pratfall variety, and over too quickly to be entertaining, followed by another 50 pages of pointless explication. For about the first pages or so.

To view it, click here. In spite of it all though, some of the situational comedy did come through.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk

But other readers might aventuraz it a terrible slog. We laugh at the fact that the tavern owner is taken to jail because he allowed the portrait of the emperor to be invaded by flies. And, by the way, I could not manage to read a whole Don Quixote as well. Therefore, he’s certainly not in his twenties.

Las aventuras del buen soldado Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek (2 star ratings)

I would have given up if the book didn’t satisfy a few reading challenges, including my AtW challenge Czech Avemturas. Published by DeBolsillo first published View all 7 comments. The big difference here is that 1 there’s no shift from fast witty one-liners and to serious plot stuff at the end and 2 the fast witty one-liners are not fast or one-liners. I’m glad I read it to the end aventurzs, because I enjoyed the last few chapters and the afterword more than the rest of the book.

Casi 9 meses tarde en leerlo. The main character could not hook me by his traits or lack of thereof. Other books in the series.

I wanted to read this because I knew that Svejk was the forbear of one of the ur-texts of sad-eyed high school existentialists, namely, Catch Speaking of which, some readers may be entertained by the episode where Svejk is supposed to feed the cat and aventurzs canary, or something like that. Still, i was unconvinced and I may have tto try a different vesion with a different translator.


There aventudas about a zillion different Svejk antics in the book, that mostly end up the same way– he nearly gets, jailed, committed or executed but someone believes he is just too dumb for words and therefore he is saved. Anyhow, he could be very good, but in comedies. It was also frustrating not knowing where all the places mentioned are as it made difficult to follow abenturas movements.

Like, I am sure academics who study enough other stuff can grok Svejk in its full grooviness.

By then it was beginning to pall deo there was still pages to go. But then he does seem thick. Less a World War One novel than a satire on bureaucracy, the book’s pages see no actual combat, detailing instead it’s protagonist’s struggles with the incompetent Hapsburg military machine. At some point, I realized it was just going to continue in the same vein, and I wasn’t bothering to form any new impressions, so I put aside for qventuras. This wasn’t my sort of book.