Lai Haraoba is festival of Meiteis people group of Manipur in India. The festival is a piece of memory of the creation stories played by the gods with the primary. Manipur’s Lai Haraoba is more than just a festival celebrating the Gods – it is also a unique sporting event and tradition. Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Indian Holiday offers to give you online information on.

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Besides these, deities with their consorts are the most important deities worshiped by the Meiteis. The performers go into a trance and are transported back to the time when the universe was being pai.

Lai Haraoba – Festival of the Gods – Festival of Manipur | KanglaOnline

Plan your holidays to or browse tour packages of. The episode is always danced in Naga costumes. Second is the Laibou Jagoi which is a dance with antiphonal singing, representing the life cycle of Lai. This festival is celebrated after the Cheiraoba festival which falls in April. On its completion, the occasion harzoba celebrated as Lai-Haraoba.

Lai Haraoba

Lai Haraoba is a festival associated with Meitei Peoplecelebrated to please traditional deities of Sanamahism. It is called Laimang Phamba sitting before the Lai.

The story piqued my interest enough to request Somendra to take me to the local temple to witness Lai Haraoba in all its glory. Enter your email id.

Kanglei-thokpa or lai-lam-thokpa is a play of the festival performed outside the laibung, in any place suitable for assembling greater number of participants. The king, the knights, the warrior chiefs, the ladies, the village elders and the youths and the girls are given their respective seats properly.


This song contains lyrics with veiled references to erotic mysticism.

People of Manipur love sports, and the festival provides them an occasion to keep in touch with their rich traditions while pursuing something they love. Mamallapuram Indian Dance Festival. These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth 3.

The maibi with all the participants who also join haaoba the lai ikouba and lei langba should move around the plantain leaf three times symbolising the manifestations of Mangnag Kuru Shidaba, Luwang Kuru Shidaba, and Khuman Kuru Shidaba clan deities. The differences uaraoba in the variations of processes and in cultural aspects and not in the inner wisdom and basis of the philosophy of Lai Haraoba. But, in most cases ten to fifteen days are commonly held.

M anipur is a land of stories and Gods, and stories about Gods. In the case of man, the different parts: The same tradition and culture has been followed down the ages by the haraoa beings. Then one day, the seven colours of the rainbow somehow found way into his dark room and illuminated it. Major Festival in India. Roses and a crown of feathers also find a place on their forehead. Leitai Dance depicts the formation of the trace with the dirt from the Guru’s navel.

They will also tell the stories to their children, who will preserve the legend. Guru Sidaba sent the goddess of lightening to the rescue of Atiya Guru who enslaved Harba.

A Lai Haraoba is incomplete without Mukna, a traditional wrestling event occurring on the final day of the festival. Anurag Anand is a Fellow with Milaap.


First section is the Lai Ikouba. According to legendary conviction, the festival was first held at Koubru Ching.

Gangtok Food and Culture Festival. Through Lai Haraobapeople celebrate the arrival of the Gods amidst them and pray for peace and prosperity. The priest and priestess chant the holy hymns while performers form a human circle around them and dance to it.

Another important festival naraoba Manipur is Lai-Haraoba and is celebrated in the month of May. Monday, December 31, Advertise with us. Fourth is the Lairen Mathek.

By helping these enterprises we aim to make the world better – better for us, for our community and for the environment Shop Now. The audience thus sit around the festival ground on the three sides of the laibung opposite the yathokshang temporary temple of the deity for the festival.

Lai Haraoba Ishei is a famous folk song played mainly during Lai Haraoba. The festival is marked by songs and dance performances and is celebrated in the month of April and May. Milaap is a platform for crowdfunding in Indiaenabling stories of hope, courage, and change. It mirrors the entire culture of Manipur and depicts the close affinities between the hill and plain people. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Atiya Guru decided to harden the framework and approached Sidaba Guru for the purpose.

Eid – Ul – Fitr. The hands are moved skywards in trying to bring the two parts together.