Material from a Nazi publication on the victory over France. The source: “Zerstörer kämpfen über London” and “Alarm in Birmingham,” Bomben auf Engeland. Kleine Kriegshefte Nr. 8 (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP. aus der Reihe Kleine Kriegshefte die Nummer 2 *Drauf und dran! Unsere Luftwaffe am Feind* und Nummer 10 *Gegen England in Nordafrika!*, gesamt 2 Stück.

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To that must be added the superior productive capacity of German industry, with its modern technical equipment and its security against foreign attack. The count seneschall retained the ability to deal with the plague of rabbits.

Nor may one forget the material we have captured, for example, the grain and rubber that are an unexpected but welcome addition to German reserves. I could hardly be attacked from the rear, since the enemy fighters would have to go through the entire squadron of sharks behind me, something that has not happened before and would be difficult to accomplish.

The right engine had been hit, and over London, the center of the enemy fighters, right in the middle of a fight with a numerically superior enemy that was coming at us from all directions. Flying high in a northerly direction, we are already over England. We thus held course, and watched our bombers hit their targets. The inhabitants sense it as well. The high society of the fighter world was gathered above London, and I had the catbird seat.

No, we are after the engine and aircraft factories. But neither they nor the numerous iron or coal mines, or the textile factories interest us today. The 79 year-old Bailiff of Guernsey, as head of government, received the German commander with deep respect. Then we see powerful explosions in the factory.


Kleine Kriegshefte –

The old man was wondering if he could make it, and I was too. The draftee stands next to the skilled worker, perhaps coming from an entirely different occupation.

We aimed toward the million candlepower searchlights that illuminate the night. Intense defensive fire reaches toward us. A quick look up gave me an unexpected shock.

We are happy to combine shipping to save you money! When Spitfires and Hurricanes fire all of their guns at once, which are close to each other, the exhaust vents on their wings open. A simple picture of a ship’s cargo being unloaded bears the caption, “Coffee for Mr. This kridgshefte deals with the invasion of France. They tore some holes in the German ranks, but they were not able to stop our advance. As the German infantry regiments rolled toward the Polish capital, a Polish soldier stood upright in open country.

The supply of the islands would have to become difficult within three months, particularly on Guernsey, whose artistic landscape was filled with greenhouses growing tomatoes. The landing gear did not descend, krigeshefte on unfamiliar ground and without the engines, a belly landing is the only possibility.

There are examples of spliced-together photographs, Roosevelt’s lies and four different press versions of the fall of the Russian city of Kiev. A bailiff ruled in the name of the King of England, though during the war the real power was held by the lieutenant governor.


Did the commander want to go still further? There is no multitude of various types. The dead soldiers and lleine horses, their big guns and machine guns, their bazookas and rifles, were strewn about.

Actually, his new course headed directly to the landing strip at B. The date is early Once under the name of the king, they now were under German rule. What was he doing? Hundreds of dogs had been put to death, since the English radio had said that the Nazis took pleasure in cruelly killing the loyal four-footed household pets.

Kleine Kriegshefte Nr.02 – Unsere Luftwaffe am Feind

Despite the blackout, we see the outlines of the aircraft factory. Our next bombs are to complete our destructive work. One gun bore an English mark, another French.

In the end, it protects the lives of the workers and their families. The few seconds of their fall seems an eternity. It is directed by a comprehensive military-economic organization that is unique. It flew over the rocks and forests of Oleine and Jersey.

As I looked back, things klene clear behind me The commander of the German forces in Cherbourg had observed the island for days and his soldiers, under the white and gray of Lower Saxony, were eager to land on those islands that were so near.