Alternate Names/Transliterations: Арам Ильич Хачатурян, Aram Il’ič Hačaturjan, Aram Il’ich Khachaturian, Aram Ilych Khachaturian, Արամ Եղիայի. Sonatine für Klavier / Sonatina for piano / Aram Khachaturian. by Aram Khachaturi︠a︡n; A G Rubbakh. Downloadable musical score: Document. No Linguistic. Sonatina (). Piano Solo. Series: Piano Solo. Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc. Composer: Aram Khachaturian. View Instrumentation. (US). Inventory #HL.

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Randel, Don Michaeled. In the following decades [the songs of the Armenian peasantry transcribed by Komitas] served as a fertile source of raw material khachatruian future Armenian composers, among them Aram Khachadourian, whose ballets Kayane [ Gayane ] and Symphony No.

During his university years, Khachaturian transcribed Armenian, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish and other folk songs.

McCollum, Jonathan; Nercessian, Andy Views Read Edit View history. Nicholas Kournokoff and Vladimir Bobrov translators.

Novaya Gazeta in Russian. Khachaturian is widely known for his use of folk songs of various ethnic groups in his compositions, most notably those of Armenians.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. Khachaturian is best known for his ballet music— Gayane and Spartacus MoscowSoviet Union. Khachaturian wrote three symphonies: However, his works markedly differed from the conventional orchestrations of folk themes,” writes Rouben Paul Adalian.

Khachaturian, who created the first Armenian ballet musicsymphony, concerto, and film score, [B] is considered the most renowned Armenian composer of the 20th century. Music critic Edward Greenfield expresses the opinion that Khachaturian “notably outshone other Soviet contemporaries in creating a sharply identifiable style, something which his successors have found impossible to emulate”.

But it’s also easy to see how he acquired his awkward reputation when you hear his Violin Concerto, dating from Prokofiev’s second homeland is, of course, France.


More by Aram Khachaturian

Komitas PantheonYerevan. Reproducing Piano Roll Foundation. Khachaturian is cited by musicologists as a follower of Russian classical traditions. Khachaturian is best known internationally for his ballet music.

In mid-Decemberthe Department for Agitation and Propaganda better known as Agitprop submitted to Andrei Zhdanovthe secretary of the Communist Party’s Central Committeea document on the “shortcomings” in the development of Soviet music.

In fact, in his memoirs he reported pride about leading an institution that organized creative work in many musical genres and especially in all Soviet republics. On 10—13 Januarya conference was held at the Kremlin in the presence of seventy musicians, composers, conductors and others who were confronted by Zhdanov: Soviet Union [70] []. His Piano Concerto, along with the two later concertos—the Violin Concertofor which he won a State Prize called the Stalin Prize then, the highest artistic award in the Soviet Union[21] [22] and the Cello Concerto —are “often considered a kind of a grand cycle.

He argued, “Such a view is simplistic, given that he had a major brush with the authorities in We will consider that if these comrades ShostakovichProkofievMyaskovskyKhachaturian, Kabalevsky and Shebalin namely who are the principal and leading figures of the formalist direction in music.

Khachaturian’s works span a broad range of musical types, including ballets, symphonies, concertos, and film scores. He suggests that Khachaturian’s works carry “the vibrant rhythms and stirring pace of Caucasian dance music”, but at the same time are “original compositions that reworked that cultural material through new instrumentation and according to European musical canons, resulting in a sound unique to the composer”.

His other significant compositions include the Masquerade Suitethe Anthem of the Armenian SSRthree symphonies,and khacbaturian 25 film scores. In Herzig, Edmund; Kurkchiyan, Marina.


In the festival of symphonic music Aram Khachaturian was held in Yerevan. Collection of articles] in Russian. Music in the 20th century: His Armenian-influenced First Symphony, which Khachaturian composed as a graduation work from the Moscow Conservatory in”drew the attention of prominent conductors and was soon performed by the best Soviet orchestras” [22] and was admired by Shostakovich.

Category:Khachaturian, Aram – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

In Tiflis, which has historically been multicultural, Khachaturian was exposed to various cultures. When I think of Shostakovich Russia is his first homeland. After over two years of fragile independence, Armenia fell to Soviet rule in late Archived from the original on Communist Party of the Soviet Union from Composer Tigran Mansurian suggested that Khachaturian’s music incorporates American characteristics and called the United States his “second homeland” in terms of musical influences, especially due to the sense of optimism in his works and lifestyle.

Inhe began working on his third and last ballet, Spartacus —54which later proved to be his last internationally acclaimed work. The Memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich. Garden City, New York: Arranged by Avetik Pivazyan and Ruben Asatryan.

Khachaturian depicted on SovietRussian and Armenian postage stamps. That happiness, that health, that love of life, that way of sonatnia ‘No’ to death, that strength that America has in its music.

They had 5 children, one daughter and four sons, of whom Aram was the youngest. Journal of the American Musicological Society.