Keylontic Science. The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship. Keylontic Science Dictionary The Keylontic Science Dictionary is a wonderful tool for new-comers as well as seasoned Keylontic Science Students. It contains. Kelontic Science Dictionary. Web Analysis for Keylonticdictionary – Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online. Meta Description of.

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The teachings of the APMCEO represent translations of pre-ancient Sacred Science texts that belonged to advanced human races who resided on earth prior to our currently identified historical records.

The premise that each sentient being dictuonary an expression of Source implies that it embodies the attributes of Source. A quintessential attribute of Source is that it creates from within itself. Observation of natural phenomena ductionary that this creative process is not random, but rather follows clearly observable principles and natural laws. This implies that everything is creative, consciously or otherwise. It is creating, but without a conscious context and fluency.

The teachings of Keylontic Science and its practical applications of Kathara Healing, are designed to return the manual or workbook of creation mechanics to people who are seeking true empowerment. Is it not enough to be spiritual and idealistic and leave science to the scientists?

It is also recommended to establish a firm energetic foundation by using core techniques such as the Maharic Shield. The frequencies being anchored on the planet at this time mean that one can perhaps progress more quickly than one could even a few years ago, but there are still basic steps which are advisable before studying the more dictionry materials. This ultimately saves time because each presentation builds victionary what has gone before.

Keylonticdictionary : Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online

This leads to a state of Omni-Love, scienve the divinity of all of creation is not only acknowledged but lived as a state of being. All life, regardless of its level of expression, is scienxe in equal love by Source; it could not be otherwise, as Source recognizes itself in all manifestation. It is, however, possible for individual manifestations of Source to deny the Law of ONE and therefore act within a paradigm of separation anti-Christos consciousness.

True empowerment comes from keylonfic into our human experience the frequencies and consciousness of these levels of our own being. The fact that some being or entity is stationed in a higher dimension than our current 3D reality does not mean that it has any keylomtic authority in an arbitrary spiritual pecking order, once we realize that we also have levels of Self at all of these higher levels. Any being which feels the need to present itself keylontix Lord Dictiobary or Master B or Dictionarg C, and to use this implication of rank to control or manipulate, is coming from a hierarchical position which is the anathema of pure, divine, Christed love.

With this integration comes a deep humility, as one truly embodies in ones waking consciousness the living awareness of the common source and divine equal worth of all life. Sccience Science and Kathara Healing are holistic in the true sense of cultivating scifnce activating all aspects of our multidimensional selves.

A more scientific way of expressing this would be to say that with this system we are activating our DNA strands, many of which have been dormant or distorted for thousands of years.

Krylontic discussion of DNA is available in many of the materials. The old adage of making haste slowly comes to mind. Higher frequencies have been anchoring on the planet for several years and the level of this inflow of energy is accelerating exponentially. Therefore, DNA activation will happen to some degree whether we are aware of it or not. In spiritual terms, what is really significant is whether this activation occurs.


This enables all of the levels of DNA or dimensional structure to be brought back into balance. It also serves as the essential bridge to accessing higher aspects of our being such as the Primal Light and Sound Fields. All of these concepts are explored thoroughly in the foundation materials. The choice of a particular color, for example, relates to the dimensional frequency band which is being activated in a particular exercise.

The tones and songs, many of which are in the ancient Anuhazi language, the language of our DNA, are precise sound formulas, the vibrational aspects of which activate the embodiment of the specified qualities keylintic the DNA template.

In a similar way, the symbols are visual translations of the essence of a particular frequency band or field. The treatment of polarity is a fundamental issue that differentiates this work from many other teachings.

Firstly polarity isn’t ‘bad’ in itself. It projects consciousness into separate units, be they dimensions, galaxies, planets, human bodies or particles. There is a natural creative process of polarisation and integration. The problem arises where the flow back into integrity with source is blocked for any reason, i. Given that we find ourselves with polarity issues, i.

We must firstly find that place of integrity and unity within ourselves.

There is no disagreement dictionarry. What do we do then? Do we detach from the problem, deny its reality, reducing it to the status of an illusion? Or do we engage the problem and try to deal with it? The first option would be great if it worked.

But there’s the rub. Let’s look at this issue in a practical context. I am driving along in my car and I get a puncture. How do I deal with this? I could go into a nice comfortable space where the problem doesn’t exist and try to create the reality of a fixed wheel from there. This isn’t really dictionayr to me, it’s only an illusion. If I think about or bring attention to the punctured sciebce it will only create the problem!

The analogy above is basic but it does serve keyoontic illustrate a point. We could pick many other examples. When we face a problem, bring attention to it, we are not creating nor necessarily reinforcing the problem. Constructive engagement is generally an effective strategy in contrast with denial or detachment. Regarding problems as illusions doesn’t necessarily fix them.

There’s part of us that wishes certain things weren’t happening, that would prefer not to know dictionarj them, that wants to get away from it all and simply wants to go ‘home’. However there is a part of Source and a part of us blocked down here.

There’s a part of us affected, even trapped, by the drama and we can’t afford to ignore the fact. In fact this is a great place to be coming from.

Bringing attention to or knowing about problems does not necessarily promote separation nor ‘breed polarity’. Ironically detaching from the problem is more separative or polarising. It separates us from the problem at the level where it can be solved but not necessarily at the level where it affects us! It separates the problem from a solution. We all know and respect beautiful people who are ‘beyond polarity’.

Before we can regard ourselves as beyond polarity we need to address the following question. Can I integrate my body or bodily consciousness fully back to Source diftionary now, in the ‘here and now’? Can I ascend through the dimensional structure of creation and stargates? If I can’t then I’m not beyond polarity.

Until I can do so there is part of me trapped in polarity due to various distortions in the natural processes of creation. It’s not so much our ‘souls’ or higher parts that we need worry about saving. There are parts of us beyond polarity.

But we needn’t worry about these. It’s our lower parts that are caught in the drama and potentially in jeopardy that need our attention. We have projected part of our consciousness into our physical bodies, into every organ, cell and atom.


It is this ‘bodily consciousness’ that is most in need of securing. It’s more a case of ‘save our bodies’, i. If we detach from the physical realities of our bodies and the drama in which they are enmeshed and seek refuge in the more comfortable spaces of our soul we risk losing a valuable part of our identities.

Sacred Science and the law of ONE: the language of creation

It’s not about right and wrong nor good and bad anymore. It’s about realism and effectiveness. We don’t have centuries to sit around figuring the niceties of things anymore.

The need is for enlightened and effective action. Those of us who hear the deep voice within, aching to find meaning and purpose, start searching for the Truth. No teachings can give us our own intrinsic knowing back but csience knowledge and its applications can restore us to our own intrinsic knowingness within.

We can take a personal journey moving from believing to knowing, from hope to certainty; a transition of immense significance and an everlasting shift in self-awareness and empowerment. The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order MCEO teachings are an unparalleled gift to humanity restoring knowledge that was last common knowledge in our cultures 25, years ago. It is sometimes deemed a luxury to consider the big questions about life.

The MCEO teachings explain why it is fool-hardy not to consider them in this contemporary dictioary period of ! A short venture into the MCEO teachings reveals not only the true history of Humanity but also the choices that are facing us during our present time period. The applications of this knowledge by which we dictipnary restore the reality of our own personal inner knowingness known as our Inner Christos or Avatar level of consciousness restores our intrinsic power to make conscious choices regarding our own evolution.

The MCEO teachings are vast not least because we are vast beings in the midst of a vast Cosmos, currently experiencing the effects of a huge drama that stretches across the multi-dimensional structure of this Universe. We are being offered the full picture because of the purpose that is ours and because we have the latent abilities within ourselves to embrace it.

▒▒호스팅 전문기업 (주)인터넷나야나, 웹호스팅, 도메인, 서버호스팅, 이미지호스팅, 홈페이지제작▒▒

We are reminded that these inner resources are inherent to our original design and we learn how to re-awaken them. So there is an intrinsic joy within these teachings and their applications – The joy that comes with the realisation that we are being given the opportunity to reclaim our ancient birthright as free, immortal, fully sentient beings.

These pages offer an introduction to the MCEO teachings and provide some key points of reference for rapid and effective exploration of the immense gift these teachings bring. In the 3D world, we are empowered by knowing how our physical bodies work and how the systems within which we exist work such as the political, educational and monetary systems.

The teachings describe the tangible structure of the spirit as well as the tangible structures behind and within the body and mind. We krylontic more acutely familiar with the multi-dimensional energetic structure behind and within the Cosmos and all things in manifest form, including Human dictioary Angelic Beings. We begin to recall, and remember more purposefully that the core substance of manifest form is Consciousness.

Within Creation, Consciousness arranges itself into constructs with organic intrinsic order the often quoted and often undefined Divine Blue Print.