Category:Saphirblau. From Wikimedia Saphirblau- Darstellerjpg. Instance of Kerstin 1, × 1,; MB. Kerstin. Kerstin Gier was born on October 8, in Bergisch-Gladbach, North She is a writer, known for Rubinrot (), Saphirblau () and Chaos-Queens (). Kerstin Gier is the bestselling author of the Ruby Red trilogy, as well as several popular novels for adults. Kerstin Gier Author . cover image of Saphirblau.

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Later in the series, Raphael helps Gwyneth and Gideon girr their adventures. After traveling back to the past, Gideon is there, who questions why Gwen smelled of smoke, though she tries to play it off that she smoked.

Lady Tilney gives her a knitted pig, which Gwyneth later gives to her sister, but does not give her giwr advice or warnings, much to Gwyneth’s dismay. This book is also rather crude. Even though the entire bloody world is counting on her, even though she can travel in timeeven though she has a pet gargoyle, her every waking moment is spent in contemplation of Gideon’s hair.

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Smaragdgrün: Kerstin Gier: : Books

Lavinia is sent away and Alcott and Alastair fight Gideon and Gwyneth. She gives herself pep talks in the bathroom mirror. She holds a grudge against Gwyneth for taking all of the attention away from her and talks Gwyneth down every chance she gets. The two agree to meet again much closer to Gwyneth’s birth date, when he is Grandmaster of the Lodge, and when he has more time to collect information about Lucy and Paul.

It’s fast-paced and humorous, with witty characters and the cutest romance. He then asks Gwyneth if she was willing let someone die if there were a cure for all the diseases of mankind. Gideon is a member of the current male time traveler, the eleventh in the circle, also known as the Diamond or Lion. Nobody knows that Gwyneth has the time traveling gene, except for her and her friend Lesley. She pauses at a particularly gruesome illustration and the demon portrayed therein materializes in front of her.

This book just set up for a great conclusion. Gweneth’s best friend, who also attends St. That same night, Gwyneth elapses to meet Lucas in the past again, and though he is now married to Arista and they have had Harry, he still does not have much information about Lucy and Paul.


The heroine, Gwen, could have been a decent character had it not been for the ghastly romance and the vile love interest the douche dick Gideon. London, SaphirvlauUnited Kingdom. After traveling back to the present, Gideon is taken away to meet with the Inner Circle while Gwyneth and her mother clear matters up.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Dit jaar komt er een hele mooie jubileumeditie uit van deze serie, waar de zijkant van de bladzijden een kleurtje heeft.

I think kerstun is probably the main reason I gave the overall series 4 stars instead of 5. Along the way, Gideon reveals that saphirblai lives alone in an apartment and after his father died, his mother remarried a rich French man, and the two moved to France and had another child named Raphael, Gideon’s younger brother.

The next day, Lesley, Gideon, Raphael, and Gwyneth travel to the subway tracks, and Gideon and Gwyneth elapse to try and stop the younger Gideon from delivering the letter about Operation Black Tourmaline and Sapphire.


They run into Gideon’s younger self and knock him out, and Dr. Its all lust and hormones and emotional hype. Me has transformado en un pudin. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Things I love about these books: The two head back to the Temple, and before Gwen disappears, he tells her that the Count had enemies in the Florentine Alliance, that he had private documents not recorded in the Annals, and that reading all twelve of the time traveler’s blood into the chronograph was not the only thing that had to be done in order to reveal its secret.

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Taylah-ann If anyone wants to watch the English subtitled version of the German? Like all Montroses, she has curly red hair and blue eyes.

Underestimating Gwyneth leads him to behave disrespectfully towards her at first, as he thinks she is not good enough for time travel.

This just says it all: Whitman is Count-Saint Germain, but under cosmetic surgery. She just snarks at it and calmly reads on, trapping it once again between the pages. We get more time travels than in the first book, that one was definitely the introductory book to this world It’s a good thing there was a lot of relationship drama in that book as it kept me focused on the story: Maybe part of it is nostalgia, but I haven’t been this entertained in a while.


A lot of YA books feature characters who are really alone probably because it’s hard to keep track of a lot of characters when you’re writing. While talking, Gwen explains that she is his granddaughter, that Lucy and Paul stole the chronograph and went to the yearand about her current predicament of being the Ruby in the time traveling circle, her suspicions about Count-Saint Germain, her confusion over the secret of the chronograph, and her feelings towards Gideon.

She has two younger siblings, Nick and Caroline, and her best friend is Lesley Hay.

Whitman held the Guardians at gunpoint and locked them in the chronograph room after the circle closed on the second chronograph, and plans to kill Gideon once he elapses back to the present in order giet force Gwyneth to take her life.

I really really hope he will have the character development I am waiting for since book 1.

Saphirblau (Edelstein Trilogie, #2): Kerstin Gier: : Books

She is sent home, but Gideon shows up during supper asking to see Gwyneth, and the two go up to her room, where Gideon expresses his relief to find her alive, and reveals that, according to the papers given to him by Paul, she is technically immortal, which is how she survived the attack, and that in order to get the philosopher’s stone, the secret of the chronograph that will cure saphirbkau diseases, someone has to die, which is Gwyneth.

En hoe vrouwonvriendelijk de hele organisatie is.

He becomes very helpful for spying on people to get information for Gwyneth, as she is the only one that is able to see him. He seems to still have feelings for her. Miroslav Alexander Leopold Rakoczy Also known as the “black leopard”, he is the bodyguard kedstin the Count and is described as having black, lifeless eyes. Everything happened so fast and it kinda feels like insta-love, and I really wish that Gwen could less swoon over Gideon, but it’s still not a big problem.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The two travel back in time where Margaret is expecting them, despite the exact date that was set in the chronograph to travel back in time being kept secret.