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Abyat e Bahoo

Authentic Book on Abyat-e-Bahoo. But I find I am even less significant Than a ratti, the smallest measure of weight!

Only a man of God would know a man of God- What can a slave of the mind and senses know of him? Jaindee sik ton dil chaa neeve, So aawaaz sunaandaa hoo. Only when your soul identifies with its divine Source Will your prayer be accepted, O Bahu. They are oblivious of both themselves and the world. Katt qalam noon maar na haanen, Kaatib naam dharaaiaa hoo. Roze, nafal, namaazaan, taqwaa, Sabbho kamm hairaanee hoo.

Taqdeer Ilaahee chhikkeeaan doraan, Milsee naal naseebaan hoo. I sacrifice myself to anyone, O Bahu, Who eneters the arena of love and wins its game. Alif dee zaat sahee jis keetee, Rakkhe qadam agere hoo. Abyat e Bahoo — Meem Meem Main keeh jaanaan zaat ishq, jo Dar dar chaa jhukaave hoo. Chhaatee de wich bagoo deraa, Sher baithaa mal belaa hoo.

In my word is hidden the Command of God; Kaalam my will lies the power to reverse destiny. Aashiq saadiq hoven Baahoo, Taan ras prem daa peeven kkalam. Makkhee qaid shahad wich hoee, Keeh udsee sang baazaan hoo. Sachchaa ishq Hussain Ali daa, sir dae raaz na bhanne hoo.


They are free of all care, O Bahu, Who have kkalam Master in their home To fashion the ornament of their soul. The company of a seductress is less corrupting Than that of an ignorant teacher Who deceives jalam the grab of piety, O Bahu!

Every pore of their bodies has a million tongues With which to repeat the Name of God- Their hahoo speaks for their eloquence. Miliaa dost na unhaan, Jinhaan Chaurh na keetee trattee hoo.

In it appear whirlpools, in it blow fierce gales Of the countless thoughts and arguments That hamper my contemplation of the Lord. You have spent a lifetime reading scriptures And soncumed yourself in this pursuit of ignorance.

Kalma door zangaar karendaa, Kalme mail utaaree hoo. Nor did my retreats to the seclusion of the forest Bring me the enlightenment I had sought. Kanghee caangoon piaa chireeven, Zulf mahboob bhareeven hoo. Dardmandaan dee aaheen kolon, Pathar pahaarh de jharhde hoo. The sail of love has soared to the heavens, Leaving the ship of thought and reason.

Sultan Bahoo | Abyat-e-Bahoo | Punjabi Poetry | Bait | Kalam | Shayari

So eemaan salaamat vaisan, Bhajj faqeeraan milde hoo. Jisne alif mutaaliaa keetaa, Be daa baab na parhdaa hoo.

Tan chatoraa, man madhaanee, Aaheen naal hilende hoo. If someone practises devotion without a Master, He will drown himself in the mire of atheism. Precious like rubies and diamonds in our own Home, Now we live like destitute aliens-deserted and helpless. Kalme naal bujhaae dozakh, Jith agg bale azgaaheen hoo. Sift sanaaee mool na parhhde, Jo pauhte bahok zaatee hoo.


Qalbee, roohee, makhfee, sirree, Sabhe raah hairaanee hoo. Jehaa kehaa neet na sakke, Uth dardmand dil dhoee kaalm. When I plug my ears with my fingers, Without learning, I hear its melodies. They would not have burnt their hearts and souls In the fire of longing for the Beloved.

Kalme dee kal tad piose, Jad kal kalme vanj kholee hoo. It will shut tight the door to eternal life. Naam faqeer tinhaan daa Baahoo, Qabar jinhaan dee jeeve hoo. If someone splatters you with dirt, Be like a dung hill, take it without reproach. Nothing will be achieved by looking outside- He lives right in your own bahlo