ENTROPY by Jeremy Rifkin. Introduction: p. 3 Each day we awake to a world that appears more confused and disordered than the one we left the night before. Entropy: A New World View by Jeremy Rifkin published in by Viking Press. ( with Ted Howard). Once in a great while an idea changes the course of history. I have before me a letter from Jeremy Rifkin, author of Entropy: A New World View. His communication states that “entropy helps explain why we have runaway.

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What Entropy Is, and Is Not

However, the book is more detailed and richer in its approach and comes off much better than the limited medium of the screen allows. Here, Rifkin follows some of the obvious and not-so-obvious implications of his book’s rifkim topic, meaning because the second law of thermodynamics states th Remember the scene in Apollo 13 when Fred Haise figures out why his calculations keep coming up wrong for how much time the three astronauts have left in the lunar module before they run out of oxygen?

Our consciousness is continually recording the entropy change in the world around us. Alfred Knopf, New York, Want to Read savingā€¦.

What Entropy Is, and Is Not | The Scientist MagazineĀ®

The authors argue that humanity is wasting resources at an increasing rate, which if unchecked will lead to the destruction of civilization, which has happened before on a ieremy scale to past societies. In each of the looselyorganized chapters,the author triestogo into the depth of different problems, and rifkon grouping is held together through the courageous, if also sometimes one-sided, appreciation of the different phenomena.


Entfopy the constituent atoms and molecules comprising the organism, as a collection, decrease in entropy, the surroundings experience a compensating increase in entropy, consistent with the Second Law.

The Architects of the Mechanical World View. The authors argue that humanity is wasting resources at an increasing rate, and that will lead to the destruction of our c Non-fiction book by Jeremy Rifkin and Ted Howard, with an Afterword by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen.

Fooling the public with “sciencese” decreases our society’s ability to make rational judgments. GladwellInternational Hydrological Programme No preview available – Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

His communication states that “entropy helps explain why we have runaway inflation, soaring unemployment, bloated bureaucracies, a widely escalating energy crisis, and worsening pollution. I accidentally picked this book up thinking it was about physics.

Entropy by Jeremy Rifkin. You can help Entropt by expanding it. View freely available titles: The answer to that would be yes, but I think there is a bigger picture here to look at in terms of the entropy law, our society and how we view it.

Mar 28, Ross rated it liked it. In the words of Sir Arthur Eddington, entorpy is time’s arrow’. What does it mean to say, ‘The world is running out of time’? In the meantime, what of the notion of entropy? While Rubinstein does not consider the arts specifically, careful readers interested in art will tifkin fail to notice that his account of the character of social phenomena has an intriguing application toworks of art.


This elegant quantity is a precisely defined construct of physics; it can be rigorously measured for equilibrium systems and can be given meaning for near-to-equilibrium considerations. Nov 09, Sara rated it liked it Recommended to Sara by: So the earth and life on it is doomed to eventually run out of energy to sustain itself and all of our efforts to make the energy we have work more efficiently, counterintuitively, hastens the end.

Koch rated it liked it Recommended to E.

Thus, for example, a gesture of submission is what it is, and has its significance,only within a set of institutions and practices. In the book the authors analyze the world’s economic and social structures by using the second law of thermodynamicsalso known as the law of entropy.

This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Thus, the order in your brain will have increased by about a hundred and fifty thousand units.

At first, I thought I was going gifkin be reading a book about predictions on the environment, which considering it was written in I thought would be interesting in a certain way.