IPCC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards August Supersedes IPCB with Amendments. Slash Sheets. Isola laminate and prepreg materials are certified to IPC or IPC IPC, “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multi-layer. IPC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards.

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Laminate or prepreg base materials shall be considered acceptable if they meet the requirements listed below and in the applicable speci? Resubmitted lots shall be inspected using tightened inspection. For any alloy or other metals outside this density range, the appropriate factor must be used to calculate the foil thickness.

Typical examples of reinforcement designators are shown below: For orders requiring Imperial units, the four digits indicate the thickness in ten-thousandths of an inch.

Visual inspection may be carried out under ambient temperature and humidity conditions. Prior to testing, specimens shall be cleaned as follows: The product shall be requali? This data can be compiled, analyzed and reported as support for product compliance to this speci? The cost associated with reducing this risk varies with the type of veri? Existence of such Standards and Publications shall not in any 4101v preclude any member or nonmember of IPC from manufacturing or selling products not conforming to such Standards and Publication, nor shall the existence of such Standards and Publications preclude their voluntary use by those other than IPC members, whether the standard is to be used either domestically pic internationally.


Surface Resistivity, minimum A.

One set of test information for a laminate of 0. For the purposes of retesting and recerti? Test Equipment and Inspection Facilities The working area of a fabricated sheet is considered to be the area inside a 25 mm [0. It is recognized that different test methods yield 16 When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe 1401c maximum permittivity shall be as indicated in the applicable speci?

The working area of a fabricated panel is considered to be the area inside a 13 mm [0. No failure shall be allowed for any specimen tested.

IPC-4101C: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Requirements for foil indentations do not apply to copper that has been treated on both sides. Volatile content maximum 4. One set of test information for laminate 0. For convenience, the laminate and prepreg requirements for materials of the like composition are on the same speci?

Yoshiyuki Takeda, Hitachi Chemical Co.

Standards allow manufacturers, customers, and suppliers to understand one another better. Title, number and date of any applicable drawing. An individual supplier may choose to use a combination of the four assurance techniques listed above to prove compliance. Types of acceptable markings are: Quantity unit of issue and dimensions. If the user requires another color, it shall be speci?


Opaque foreign matter other than? After process solutions C. This Keyword does not suggest that this base material cannot be used for double-sided PCBs, as well. The headings for each speci? In stating the test results, the test method used shall be stipulated.

Fabricated Sheets and Panels After thermal stress 2. Table is provided as a reference only. The imperfections do not propagate as a result of thermal stress.

Dielectric Breakdown, minimum 6. The gel time shall not vary from the nominal gel time more than speci? Reinforcement distortion variation in pick line per mm [ All foil weights may be plated up to 35? Additional test s can be speci?

IPCC: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Flexural Strength, minimum A. For alternate reinforcement types not covered by industry standards, requirements shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier. When applicable, the need for marking, location of the marking, information presented in the marking and ipf type of marking shall be speci?