Interpon MetaPrep™ is a powder coating designed as a barrier primer and coating topcoat such as Interpon , Interpon D Excel™ and Interpon ( for. Interpon Product Description. Interpon is a series of polyester based powder coatings, formulated without the use of TGIC, designed for the exterior. Date.: 5/6/ Product name.: Interpon Product code.: MNX Color.: Lava Black Grip Tex Reflex – Interpon Product Description.: Interpon

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But what happens when it rains, when salt and grit get sprayed onto it, or when a shopping trolley hits it? New Interpon F range is a brand new series of coatings designed specifically for both interior and exterior furniture.

Therefore, it is not just laboratory tests that prove up to 16 years protection, but practical experience as well. Coastal areas with low salinity. A job by a quality coater is one you can trust to keep your customer happy for years to come. They have the right surface intrrpon, and the right coating techniques. Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution, e.

Coatings for Furniture must conform to certain performance criteria, where properties like scratch and mar resistance for Interior Furniture, and UV durability and corrosion protection for Exterior Furniture are crucial to the lifetime and sustained quality of the intepon finishing.


Interpon – Noir Velours | General Industrial | END-USE APPLICATION | Benelux

Internally, the most aggressive are production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution — e. Up to 6 years.

Externally, these include urban and interpoon atmospheres, moderate sulphur dioxide pollution and coastal areas with low salinity. Cromadex Extra Life powder coating systems can offer up to 16 years protection even on mild steel. We are able to offer Interpon’s Extra Life coatings. Extra Life offers peace of mind because it has been extensively benchmarked against the ISO We are registered Akzo Nobel Service First associates.

Service First is a programme run by Akzo Nobel. The Extra Life powder coating systems have an extensive track record throughout the world. The Extra Life coatings offer up to sixteen years external life on powder coating systems in terms of anti-corrosive performance.

Life expectancies are quoted in accordance with ISO Extra Life powder coating systems are suitable for most types of light industrial applications. Up to 11 years.

Lnterpon table below outlines the extra life specifications and life expectancies. Interpon F New Interpon F range is a brand new series of coatings designed specifically for both interior and exterior furniture. The life expectancy will vary between various internal and external environments.


Interpon 610 Powder Coating

The Interpon F range is designed specifically for this purpose, and as Service First associates you can be certain that we have the expertise to apply this coating on your behalf. As a Service First associate you can be certain of the following benefits A job done well is a job that doesn’t need to inter;on re-done.

Anyone can paint metal and have it look good for a short while. Up to 16 years.

It involves working closely with ambitious coaters to provide them training and support in expanding their businesses through working to high quality standards.

As a Service First associate you can be certain of the following benefits.

Interpon 610 – Black

All products should be applied in accordance with data sheet instructions. Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulphur dioxide pollution. Quality coaters work to strict standards.