Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document The WinGridDocumentExporter™ component enables you to export your entire WinGrid™ directly into a PDF or XML. Is there any easy way of exporting all data from an UltraGrid programmatically? I have been toying with and although QTP does not error on that. I used to use the code in section one to export to excel (it was quick but it took the same format which i didnt want in excel). I then used the code.

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LynnCo Developer posted over 6 years ago in reply ifragistics Mike Saltzman. Hi BEP, This question is answered here: Can no-one suggest a useful code snippit for my dilemma?? By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use. Sorry about my delayed reply.

Export Ultragrid to Excel | Infragistics Forums

Double End If End Sub. GetItem 0 ‘ is an object for the first row rows. Why are there no rows in my grid after I set the datasource? I won’t go into direct code specifics, as it would be too time consuming but I can go into the basics. Export and although QTP does not error on that line, it’s not saving anything; I have tried various parameters such as filename etc as detailed in the NetAdvantage help which is much more useful than the TestAdvantage help!


This is where you would set Section-specific properties and modify the ExportLayout by hiding a few columns. Show “Please find records before trying to export”, Yltragrid.

Export ug, sheet1,0,0 ; wb. The reason I want to do this is that I have a grid that changes dynamically every time a field is changed on a form and as such there is no set number of sibling rows, and as trying to navigate an unknown number of sibling rows innfragistics proving a nightmare through QTP, I’ve decided to dump the grid to excel and use the Excel Object Model to do the work, which I’m much more familiar with!

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can call it once and store the value in a Color variable and re-use it.

Export WinGrid to a New PDF Document – Infragistics Windows Forms™ Help

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website. They can then export their view to Excel. This code will first create a worksheet with a specific name in the Excel workbook to hold the exported data. We’ve attempted to send the information to the server. I missed that one in my searches. Add an UltraWinGrid to a form in your application, or open an existing application and display a infrahistics that contains the UltraWinGrid.

I think you might be going about this in a much more complicated way than is really neccessary. Add “Exported Grid Data” ; e.

Then going through those parent rows, querying if each one has expirt sibling, infragistivs so on recursively, until I get to any data rows. In that case, the cloned rows will fire InitializeRow and you will be explicitly applying them to the new cloned export rows.


Thank you for your feedback! I’ve switched away from our custom object to a test object for simplicity and it still exhibits the same behavior.

CellFormat ‘ Set format object property for bottom border cfCellFmt.

Export Grid Data to Excel

I have been toying with For example, the following code will add a double-lined bottom border to every other row in the Excel worksheet by applying that border style to every cell that occupies an even row:. I am referencing the Infragistics2.

I have tried the code in section 2 but nothing changes. Strings that begin with the words “Accounting Manager” are not to be exported from the application, so infragiistics code substitutes a abbreviation that will appear in the Excel file: I have created a small sample in order to illustrate my idea. By continuing to use the website we understand that you accept their use.

Cells row, colExcel. Reply Verify Answer Cancel. Maybe hook up the export grid to the same InitializeLayout and Ultragri event handlers as your real grid so that it applies the same settings.