Buy Infernum d20 Book of The Damned: Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. DOWNLOAD INFERNUM BOOK OF THE DAMNED infernum book of the pdf. Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (April 12, ) Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound. Infernum is a game we have been wanting to produce for quite a long time and Volume I, the Book of the Damned, forms the ‘Player’s Guide’ to.

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Develop and nurture your mutations as they twist your flesh and increase your demonic power. War is coming to Hell. Anyone, even a mortal, could conquer the Pit and become a lord of the Infernum.

Do unto others before they do unto you and remember….

(Mongoose) Infernum: Book of the Damned – Out This Week!

The Infernum is not a nice place to be, but power beckons all who are strong enough to take it. Tuesday, 21st June, The latter tends to revolve around rituals which can take a long time to complete but which leave utterly devastating results.

Book of the Conqueror – Out Now! Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Do unto others thf they do unto you and remember… Conquer or suffer. War is coming to Hell. Reset Fields Log in.

In it you will find everything you need to start your adventures in Hell and begin working your way up the demonic ladder towards total domination.

Everything base and demeaning has its place in the Infernum. Next month sees the release of the GM’s Guide – the Book of the Tormentor, and following that is the Book of the Conqueror, the complete guide to ruling in Hell, creating your own houses and leading massed armies against your foes. The Noble Houses take their warfare very seriously.


A demon might be a Slaver, Stalker, or Hulk, among many others. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Play as Mortal, Demon or Fallen Angel. Do unto others before they do unto you and remember Saturday, 26th March, Thursday, 29th September, However, Gareth has done some stunning work in their descriptions that leave a very memorable impact as to what effect they actually have in the world.

The vehciles section ranges from comparitively common chariots and carriages to dirigibles and demon tanks.

Infernum: Book of the Damned – Gareth Hanrahan – Google Books

Later chapters introduce rules for binding other demons, forming covenants, monitoring ther effects of corruption not always a bad thing in Hell. Friday, 28th November, Details You are in Hell. Join Date Jan Posts Now, there is dissent and opposition even against their might, as the Free Cities declare their fhe and threaten the hegemony of the Houses.

Sunday, 27th June, Reproduction of this work by any means without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden.

Flick to page 98 and read Awesome Blow. You will find Skills and Feats described in this book, and some of them may seem familiar. You can choose between Demon, Mortal and Fallen Angel, though templates are available for you to further seperate yourself from your fellow players.

Book of the Damned eBook

The mention booj or reference to any company or product in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned. However, the Hell of Infernum is timeless. Join Date Mar Posts The Book of the Dmaned is rounded off with a character sheet and a complete index. For an eternity, there has been nothing in the Infernum except constant war and constant suffering.


Equip yourself with the latest infernal weaponry such as the flayer or hellcannon and trap a demon within your chosen tool of warfare. These are the only choices in the Infernum.

Players can also choose to align themselves with one of the Nine Noble Houses that rule the Infernum – before one of the Houses chooses them of course. Now, there is dissent and opposition even against their might, as the Free Cities declare their independence and threaten the hegemony of the Houses.

Feed from damned souls and bind other demons in unbreakable Covenants. For more information, visit: Those in power grind those beneath them into the burning dust, while those below plot and conspire to overthrow their masters and take their place and all bow before the might of the warring Houses.

Playing as a Mortal, Demon or Fallen Angel, players can roam the domains of Hell itself Feeding from damned souls, they will bind other demons into unbreakable covenants, nuture their mutations and lead armies against the fire-blasted fortresses and smoke-belching demonic factories of their enemies. For example, it is very possible to watch an army marching to your fortress inrernum of damnex demon types – some may be mounted on terrible steeds damnfd wickedly sharp lances, others may have nothing more than whips, whiule still more may be mounted on demon hell-bikes, armed with shotguns.