In this book the author gives the reader the opportunity of seeing Steve Jobs as only his closest associates have ever seen him, and to learn what has made him, . Steve Jobs has been a popular figure in business books lately. First we had The Innovation Secr. : The Steve Jobs Way: Ileadership for a New Generation: In The Steve Jobs Way, Jay Elliot gives the reader the opportunity of seeing Steve Jobs .

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Told from the perspective of a person who has known Jobs for over 30 years, and full of exclusive interviews with many of the key figures in Apple Computer’s history, friends and foes of Jobs alike – this book unfolds not only the Steve Jobs you won’t see on stages but also reveals and deeply explores his management and leadership principles. Mar 31, Manuel Gomez rated it it was amazing.

Mar 28, Haider Al-Mosawi rated it liked it. I’d like to know some of the problems with Jobs’s leadership style, and how might the reader avoid such pitfalls.

Great [book] for all of us working to keep our visions married to the details. Other philosophies of Steve Jobs through iLeadership: Fantastic perspective from Jay who had first hand experience working with Steve.

The Steve Jobs way : iLeadership for a new generation in SearchWorks catalog

It almost feels as if Apple’s PR department or even Jobs himself vetted thi This is an entertaining book, especially for fans of Apple, but it can also be an frustrating book. However, outside of these personal encounters, this book doesn’t provide too many new insights which haven’t already documented repeatedly in other works. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is hungry for the knowledge of what it would take to leave a significant impact in any aspect of this world.

Jun 15, Aakanksha rated it really liked it. No talented, exceptionally skillful and charismatic person is without flaws; but what’s more important is that generration have a strong commitment to persistently pursue what we desire and aspire to achieve.


Steve Jobs was similar in character to other highly successful CEOs and founders of tech companies. Frequently pause and celebrate. Nov 03, Sivanathan Subramaniam rated it really liked it. Time will tell whether Apple can remain a great company without the great Steve Jobs at the helm.

The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation by Jay Elliot

Skip to search Skip to main content. However, it’s possible that no vetting was necessary because the author was so enamored with Jobs and Apple that nothing but undulating praise flowed through the first draft. Nevertheless, it was entertaining, and some of the stories of Apple and Jobs in the early years were interesting.

Sep 17, Nguyen Quang tung rated it really liked it. This book has excellent historical information as well as good advice about start ups and how to be successful. Such is the fascination the world has towards a man who famously quoted ” We’re here to put a dent in the universe. All Steve’s fans must read this piece.

This is a Team Leader, leadreship and Human Resources guide. I hope we do reach a level of understanding that it is a performance based organizations that matter and that leadership is a form of Art, there isn’t right or wrong about it.

But I’d love to read a more balanced book on Steve Jobs. As this book might make things seem better than they actually were. Seeing the extent of his vision and that nothing would stop him from making it a reality.

Talent Steve would tirelessly and indefatigably hunt for the best talent in the world. Tim Cook the COO back then was named as the person who could bring all the pieces together, even with Steve gone.

Loy Machedo loymachedo dot com loymachedo dot tv Contributor Simon, William L. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Mar 02, Eva Majerova rated it really liked it Shelves: Very nice book and I believe all the fans of Steve would love this book.

Enjoyed the stories and the flow of this book. It is easy to be read and its content is really interesting. Product Steve Jobs desire was to create the simplest, most elegantly functional product that satisfied the customer need. He was an over the top visionary with ileadersuip obsessive compulsion for every imaginable detail.

Assuming that most readers don’t have the charisma of Jobs who does? We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. One that either completely avoids any discussion of his questionable management techniques and unethical business practices or one that highlights the lessons we can learn from his failings, as well. Opening the iTunes Store. In The Steve Jobs Way: Click I Have iTunes to open it now.

The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation (Unabridged)

At first, it begins to read less like a book on leadership, and more like a memoir of sorts of Elliot’s time at Apple. I do however think that this book brings some incredible insight to what it means to be teneration individual who has a passion to change the world in some way.

The narrator was very good-nice even tone. The Steve Jobs Way: Overall, worth reading or listening to, as I didbut I expected more. Oct 16, Raed rated it liked it. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? Jay Elliot worked side by side with Steve as Senior Vice President of Apple and brings us his deep insider perspective of Steve’s singular iLeadership style – which encompasses four major principles: It’s a very current book including the introduction of the iPad.