Camilla Läckberg, Jean Edith Camilla Läckberg Eriksson ( — vivente) , scrittrice svedese. Il predicatore; La principessa di ghiaccio. Il predicatore by Camilla Läckberg, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Hot on the heels of her phenomenal American debut, The Ice Princess, Camilla Läckberg brings readers back to the quiet, isolated fishing village in Sweden.

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The book also jumped around a lot from one person’s perspective to ik and occasionally I was forced to read back and work things out. With all of this said, I’m giving 3. Each chapter is full of these, so it seems that the story is a made of a lot of loose ends and we can only we hope they all cammilla up neatly in the end.

Trama ben congegnata comunque, e connotazioni psicologiche dei personaggi ben delineate.

Heb me vaak opnieuw de stamboom van de familie in het hoofd moeten prenten om het te kunnen volgen. Ik heb me afgevraagd of het aan de vertaling ligt.

I cannot help but wonder for how many books this will go on with Cakilla. Mi ha inoltre emozionata e mi ha fatta sentire vicina ai personaggi, come fossero amici o conoscenti.

Especially since she had a great difficulty in predicayore ‘no’ to unexpected and unwanted guests. Aug 26, Amanda rated it liked it. Unless, of course, it’s to be sure he or she turns another 75 pages. View all 9 comments. So what does she do in this book, apart from being heavily pregnant and uncomfortable in the heat? I would have rated it higher, but I felt that the use of the “omniscient” narrator sometimes got in the way of the story. It is a good story, but there are too many little things I desliked.

Het is eigenlijk heel simpel, recht toe recht aan. Much more focus on Erica in her first novel. Is it Erica and Patrik are expecting their first child when a body is found on top of two skeletons that could be the bones after two women that disappeared twenty years ago. There were some bits with Erica, of course, and they could be annoying. Having compared one of these Steget Efter with the original it seems to me that Ebba has done a good job.


This is the actual town where the author grew up.

Il predicatore

When yet another young girl disappears and panic begins to spread, Patrik leads a desperate manhunt to track down a ruthless serial killer before he strikes again. We already now she’s pregnant. Ppredicatore ask other readers questions about The Preacherplease sign up. Predicztore – Patrik Hedstrom 2. Visite Leggi Modifica Cronologia. A very insipid tale told of young women found dead or missing in the 70s as well as in Now, however, Ericka is pregnant and physically unable to contribute much to the investigation.


The new body has been tortured and killed in the same gruesome manner as the old bodies. This is the first book I read from this author and gave me the best impressions!!! Then we find the cause for this, which I found funny, but after that Mellberg kind of disappears and I was left wondering how did he solve his “little problem”. I prefer to have everything necessary to the final understanding of the plot emerge from the story, rather than have the omniscient narrator come up with a lot of extra, missing mat This is a solid Scandinavian crime novel,which weaves together scenes of domesticity and scenes of horror, in a social democratic context that manages to have its fair share of religious fanatics.

Published April 27th by Pegasus Crime first published I found the premise of this book, which centered around a charlatan evangelical circuit preacher to be an intriguing one.

In altre lingue Polski Modifica collegamenti. Because after the cliffhanger, the reading goes on, there is something happening with someone else and we cannot be thinking about what was about to happen before that damned cliffhanger.


The Preacher (Patrik Hedström, #2) by Camilla Läckberg

Any bits of insight delivered came from the narrator, not the characters. Elk spoor naar het dode meisje en ook het vermiste meisje leidt naar de familie Hult.

Thrillerreeks – Patrik Hedstrom 2 62 31 Apr 23, It is at once more clever and less likely than its predecessor. Annika is a strong person who, unlike Anna, has taken the wise precaution of having no children. I will certainly read more of them.

She seemed like part of the scenery. I don’t really know, but this can’t end well. When an exhumation of a grave is ordered for DNA testing, we get three surprises fed to us one at a time as various results come in. Dec 21, John Gaynard rated it really liked it. We have a burned-out, lazy, know-it-all detective as well as an alcoholic. Then, another girl goes missing, and Patrik finds it i The Preacher starts with a six-year-old boy finds the body of a woman.

Camilla Läckberg

I’m going to start the third one, even though I have a pile of great books I want to read. Even the main characters are both pretty clueless, if well-intentioned.

Erica is eight months pregnant, is suffering with heat and weight, but still has trouble kicking unpleasant guests out of her own house. Prese anche l’elmo da cavaliere e la spada di legno, che fece oscillare felice mentre percorreva di corsa i cento metri dalla casa all’imbocco di Kungsklyftan.