I’m sort of on the fence between the IFO Mk3 and the Mini IFO. I like that the Mk3 would handle outdoor a bit better than the Mini because it’s. The IFO Mk3 is a great all around airplane. Made of carbon rods, ripstop nylon, and kevlar thread, it’s easy to build, very durable, and repairable. The IFO can be . IFO is defined as Indoor Flying Object somewhat frequently. IFO Mk3 Indoor Flying Object; Conflat A Wagon Bachmann Bachmann Conflat A.

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Finish by applying contact cement to the excess, and wrapping the excess around the carbon frame and over the rods to the ripstop, so that you have a smooth wrap around the frame.

I talked to Jeff a few months back and he said they didn’t ship to Canada. I liked it so much, I Pics of the MK3 Plan! Brush the contact cement on the carbon rod frame. Do I like it? After 3 flights with 8 cells and not a single dunking I was like a dog with two tails. The makers proclaim it will fly in your mo3 gymnasium, sports hall, playing field, park, front or back yard.

Particularly if it is breezy which it was.

Connectors are then slipped on the rods. I guess I didn’t look hard enough. You may not post new threads. Images View all Images in thread Views: The kit uses a whole new idea for connecting the rods, instead of wrapping everything.

Tip The airfoil at the tip mo3 a wing Jul 11,iof I’m looking to get an IFO so I can learn to fly indoors: Also, the battery needed more support to keep it from sliding around, since dialing in the CG is pointless otherwise.


Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. As you can see from the picture, the clear tubing is cut as before and bent into a L.

HobbyKing “Blue Wonder” alternative

Finally it did a snap roll and came out inverted approaching the pond. So that doesn’t count does it? Mini IFO covering after several “dry outs” and repairs. The Vertical tail is built first by taking the supplied length of carbon rod and bending into a hoop and wrapping with the supplied Kevlar thread.

Can be easily converted to elevons as the pilot progresses. In years past I found the ripstop to be igo in crashes, resulting in frequent recovering jobs. And most of all, will convert to an outstanding elevon IFO when you are ready, by simply immobilizing the rudder, and separating the elevator control hookup! I thought it was me, I am gonna pull out the plans and scope them out and see if it was builder error, which I am not at all afraid to admit.

Since I was getting nowhere fast on 7 cells I decided to try ifi as per the instructions – once I had fully read them some nights later. The mini would just fall out of the sky, and if you pointed it near vertical, you might have enough energy for a short flare. I lost my plan. Dan’s testing indicates it is mj3 better flyer than the original, which proved to be the case when I flew the new design!

Receiver is an Orange RXL.

Trailing Edge and Fuselage connections uses 2 of the cut tubes to form a Cross. It’s an indoor flying object. To summarize his presentation, models were highly effective as tools to impress customers and prove extreme concepts. This allows the flex for the dihedral in a later step.


The New T-IFO From WildRC – RC Groups

Mar 11, What is an IFO? I have a low AR model called I. There is no landing gear, and Jfo eliminated the vertical stick entirely. The first flight went fairly well, but I had to make a new set of pull-pull control threads, being that I ran out of nose-up trim and still needed more nose-up.

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The New T-IFO From WildRC

Tape the ripstop to your worktable with masking tape so it is smooth with no wrinkles. A ladder can be handy for retrieval from taller trees. Find out what is the most common shorthand of Indoor Flying Object on Abbreviations.

Yes it still flies well in this “baggy” state. The Mini IFO doesn’t float.

Using a peristaltic movement to drive a balloon was previously unknown in the; The AirJelly is the first indoor flying object to use such a peristaltic A classy company to deal with! IFO stands for Indoor Flying Objectbut you can’t take the word “indoor” too seriously in ,k3 hobby; lots of things say “indoor” and what they really mean is Jul 09, Io 5 Entry Jamie also flies fixed wing electric planes.