IBM’s technical support resource for all IBM products and services including downloads, fixes, drivers, APARs, product documentation, Redbooks, whitepapers. IBM Storage at-a-glance guide. The DS series IBM System Storage DS Express Single Controller Storage System. A2D. IBM System Storage DS and EXP Storage Subsystem. DS Storage pdf Storage IBM System Storage DS Express Quick Reference Manual.

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The power supply is faulty.

Cabling the storage subsystem and storage enclosure Page 51 – Controller connectors with SAS host por Do not use the provided power cord for any other product. Do not refer to the drive properties given here.

How to switch off storage IBM DS ? – Server Fault

This means that certain maintenance actions can be taken. Installing The Bezels 1. Use the same steps as above, but in the reverse order. This section talks about turning on the storage subsystem after making changes to the hardware. To prevent damage to the storage subsystem components from overheating, replace a failed power supply within 10 minutes of removal.

Page of Go. Rear view, single-controller model shown without an optional manyal port adapter Note: LEDs to be lit. In the Subsystem Management window, click the Summary tab. Use safe practices when lifting. Standby power LED green Future use only. Upgrade disk drive Firmware Note: Taiwan Contact Information Taiwan contact information This topic contains the product service contact information for Taiwan.

Ibm Power Cords The cord set should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment will be installed. Check system status and clear event manuql Make sure the system is in optimal mode, collect support dataand clear event log.


Determining firmware levels To determine the firmware levels of the DS storage subsystem, the connected storage enclosures, and the installed drives, use the Storage Manager software that is used to manage the DS storage subsystem.

To protect against the loss of any one path from the host servers to the storage subsystem, use redundant host connections.

The quality of Category 6 cables imb vary between different manufacturers and even different manufactured lots. Follow the corrective actions in the Recovery Guru window.

Air enters at the front of the DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure and leaves at the back. DS is a 2U rack-mountable storage subsystem that supports up to two redundant, dual-active RAID storage controllers.

IBM DS3500 Introduction And Implementation Manual: Ds3512 And Ds3524 Components; Raid Controller

If so, go to step 5. Don’t show me this message again.

In the request, be sure to include the publication part number and title. Go to step 8 on page I did not find any switch to push and in Storage management software there is not any option to shutdown. Page 23 — Height: Replacing A Midplane Assembly Replacing a midplane assembly The midplane assembly must be replaced only by a trained service provider.

The hot-swap drive bays that are accessible from the front of the DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure are shown in Figure 2.

IBM DS3500 Installation, User’s, And Maintenance Manual

Replaceable components are of three types: Save the protective caps for future use. Page 16 Multiple devices extended into the service sd3512 can cause your rack cabinet to tip. You should use the Recovery Guru and other troubleshooting tools to correct the failure first. To replace the midplane assembly, complete the following steps. After you turn it on, do not turn it off. At the end of the cable that connects into the LC connector end of the Ss3512 cable adapter, press down and hold the lever to release the latches.


Powering off In normal circumstances, the DS subsystem would rarely be powered off: HIC Interface Connector 5. If you cannot shut down and power off the host servers, then make sure the Amnual logical drives are unmounted at the operating system level.


Contact your IBM technical-support representative. Grasp the handle on the front of the bezel and pull until the bezel is clear of the bottom tab on the chassis flange. Connect the last EXP storage enclosure in the chain to controller B: Left-side bezel Right-side bezel and bottom shelf The right-side bezel and bottom shelf contain the drive identification information.

Page 99 small-form-factor pluggable SFP module procedure 87 connecting ds33512 LC-LC Fibre Channel Troubleshooting cable 40 DS storage subsystem important information about 36 turning off power protective cap 38 for emergency shutdown 98 removal 38 for planned shutdown Manjal Requirements 15 days in one year.

These new drives are ibn in manufacturing to give the same capacity as the drive FRUs being replaced. Have the IBM part number for the battery unit available when you call.