In his book, I am You, Daniel Kolak offers yet another radical theory of personal identity: There is only one person, and that person is all of us. Daniel Kolak (born in Zagreb, Croatia) is a Croatian-American philosopher who works In his groundbreaking I Am You: the Metaphysical Foundations for Global Ethics, he writes: “The central thesis of I Am You – that we are all the same . Pris: kr. Inbunden, Skickas inom vardagar. Köp I Am You av Daniel Kolak på

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Daniel Kolak

I have known a few places like this, a few centers of the world, that I look forward to returning to. This way my kids k ride their bikes and go out directly in that cul-de-sac, but this was only part of my motivation. According to Parfit, Shoemaker and others who hold a psychological view…the having of different memories, different streams of consciousness, and so on, are of such metaphysical significance they necessitate our drawing along them boundaries between persons.

The question, in other words, is not whether our personal identities or, personal survivals reach into each other.

The fundamental identity of living, dreaming, and performing inspired him to famous passages. The central thesis of I Am You is that our borders do not signify boundaries between persons. Crusoe named his small sm Despair, and the choice was apt. October 3, at 9: Estimated delivery business days.

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In the earlier thought-experiment of his Physics Examwhere Parfit temporarily disconnected his left and right brain hemispheres in order to allow himself to pursue two possible solutions to an exam problem simultaneously in two isolated centres of consciousness, he did not not describe himself as two persons, but as a single person with a temporarily divided mind. Request removal from index. Adventures in the Margin of ErrorHarperCollins.

Individuation, Identification, and Identity: Human beings started mythologizing their pasts and dreaming about their personal futures to an extent not seen in any other species. The human organism kooak to be able to imagine the future and remember the past in a detailed way.


He says that, if and when human fission becomes a reality, we will no longer be able to count persons reliably by counting heads. To believe that losing your mental faculties is equivalent to dying is not mistaken, not irrational—but it is not clearly right, either. Many Minds, No Persons. The first objection Kolak considers in depth is that we cannot all be the same person because I control my own body, and I do not control yours.

In Kolak, Daniel; Symons, John. Grzegorz Holub – – Forum Philosophicum: Stripped of all inessential attributes, this entity is qualititatively indistinguishable between one conscious organism and another. More information about this aspect of Kolak’s research in cognitive science cognitive neuroscience; self-representation; information processing; knowledge representation; mental models; the logic and mathematics of mental processes; autism, confabulation, self-deception, MPD; dreamingphilosophy of mind personal identity, consciousness, and self; philosophical psychology; psychoanalytic theory can be found at the Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science RuCCS.

I Am You: A Philosophical Explanation of the Possibility That We Are All the Same Person

Ray thought the philosophers on my committee and others down the line would jump all over me on that one. Kolak continues to work on the kolwk foundations of quantum mechanics and a mathematical model of consciousness e. In this book I explain how this is possible. Please contact Customer Services and request “Return Authorisation” before you send your item back to us.

Borders enclose and separate us. It contains further resources on numerous philosophers. He need not have feared for here I am! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Those images of the past and future naturally included images of ourselves. Averroes Strikes Again for the First Time. Like Alexander hacking through the Gordian knot, Parfit wielded an analytical scalpel to divide personal identity from what matters in personal survivalreaching the conclusion that ordinary survival is about as bad as being destroyed and replaced by a replica.


Parfit takes the view that he, on Earth, should not be too concerned about this death sentence, because his Martian replica is perfectly healthy, and competent to carry on his life in the way he planned it when he decided to be teleported to Mars. Dissertation, University of Maryland, College Park Kolak is a prolific philosopher, with over thirty-five authored books and nearly two hundred books edited.

Omniorthogonal: I Am You

In presenting his arguments, the author relies on detailed analyses of recent formal work on personal identity, especially that of Derek Parfit, Sydney Shoemaker, Robert Nozick, David Wiggins, Daniel C.

Just yesterday I was talking with my mom about how much pleasure that path made me, because she asked why I liked so much doing things like that here and at my home in New York, rather than hiring somebody my wife wants to know the same thing, not to mention my lazy kids.

Unlike Hume, Kolak thinks that the fact of experience implies a subject of experience. A Response to Derek Parfit.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Now, I cut that path a few years ago, took out the shrubs and trees as needed, and it leads as I say from one end of our property, which starts on Saddle Club Road, to the other, which now opens up a cul-de-sac that forms the end of a different street. We assign to them tremendous significance. Persons in Metaphysics categorize this paper. Hence, to feel the emotional concern for that future person that one normally has for oneself in the future is inappropriate.