Here are some free plans to the Hydrofoam plane/boat. The kit is a great value, but if you just want to kill a Saturday, then here you go:). 4Q, UAVPilot, Hydro Foam Plans. A Hovering Machine, UFly, Flat Foamy. Amos Moses, Ewo, 3D Foamy. Avro Vulcan, Davereap, Foam Jet. AZ Shrike, AZ Astro. Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Ehh:rolleyes. So here we have the start of our Hydrofoam Build. Partly off a plan and partly made up.

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Does anyone have a problem keeping this area dry? Hydeofoam Everyone, If you’re looking for a hydrofoam that is already assembled, please check out our website at www.

It makes the corners a bit blended.

Free RC Airplane Plans

Paint needed Finished the Hydrofoam tonight, and test run it out in the snow, it’s well fast and skips over the snow like an RC car. F Hornet Park Jet park jet free plans. I am out of carbon rods, so I will need to get some more before hdyrofoam.

Thanks in anticipation JR. Let me know if it worked OK. It’s partly off the plan, the bottom half and partly made up as we go along the top half Kos Mos I am making fair progress in building gropingand found out what all the parts were for!!! I can’t get it to download.


Plans for Hydro foam – RCU Forums

Do you need a mixer on these? Not sure if I want to build my own I ended up finding some in fleet in Brooklyn Plxns. You got a link on what to do? We measured 3 parts along the wing so we can cut it as we get used to the thing in the air.

I would like to fly this off the water. You can do that?

It did not work I can download the first 2 pages it’s the last one that has 21 pages that I can’t seem to download Thanks. Is it a must to keep everything dry? Hyddofoam it is fine. I was merely hosting them, so I will have to go back and find them again. Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated.

Free plans

Silver, I will see if I can find the original files. Next time I am in St.

I decided to go with the high tail because of the boat look. I’m going to have to get one of these eventually.

I’d be intereseted if someone could post the length and beam of the full size craft so I will know if the scaling is correct when printer. I used an internet freebee translater to find a translation word-for-word, but some a lot of the words didn’t translate, probably due to use in context, or too technical for a standard dictionary. Unless someone else has them saved, I am at a loss: I think that is the one I need.

And where did you get the plans? I plan on building one out of 6mm bluecor. It did not work I can download the first 2 pages it’s the last one that has 21 pages that I can’t seem to download Thanks I’ll try again. Thanks for the update, Mike and thanks for the link, Red. Some of these plans require you to have PDF reader so please download it from here if you do not have it already.


The links in the first post are working for me. Yes – your radio needs a mixing function or you will need a seperate mixer.

Glostick Night Flyer Design.

Free RC Airplane Plans

I wan’t that virtical power that we have seen in the video that’s going around. That is what I liked when I first saw the videos and when I flown my old one too.

It’s Easier With Them Locked. Hydrofoam Discussion in ‘ Scratchbuilding! I will probably make this one a land jumper instead of a plane. Look fwd to your pics. Thank you sooo much! My sister shared my excitement for the attributes of a “flying hyda-foil” and picked up on it for an idea for me a Christmas gift.

They only had three bundles of it. Yep Just modded it to what i wanted, easy and quick.