Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST), Chair of Mobile .. „ Energiespeicher für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen mit Hybridantrieben,“ in 1. war die Fachtagung Hybridantriebe für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen geboren. Inzwischen findet die 4. Fachtagung statt, die sich heute als anerkanntes Forum im. Mit Strom und Sprit—Entwicklung von Hybridantrieben für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen. In: dSPACE Magazine, 2. dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn. Eckstein, L., Schmitt.

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It is shown that under certain restrictions on the phase current form, it is possible to obtain an analytical solution.

All of the approaches and developments presented lead to a better understanding of the challenges to be expected and highlight the upcoming opportunities in electrical machine design for the use of electric motors and generators in future aircraft.

HR Free format text: The short period of low temperatures seen at the end of January showed, however, that this type of temperature fluctuation, combined with the restrictions that exist in regard to transfer capacity, can serve to push Nordic exchange electricity prices to record levels.

Good linear relationships were found between the eco- driving achievement level and electric or fuel consumption rate of all vehicles. GR Free format text: Some of the interesting findings of this study are – EDV have the potential LV Free format text: Furthermore the Markov algorithm and BP Back Propagation neural network method is utilized to predict the future driving conditions to improve the accuracy of the remaining range estimation.

DE4431305A1 – Omnibus – Google Patents

The article gives a solution to the problem of increasing the speed in the electrical drives of machine-building enterprises due to the application of a structure with ISC control. Also other systems using non- electrical principles hydraulic or air pressure, mechanical energy storage can be found in current vehicles.

The object was for Ukrainian and US partners, including Argonne, AETC, and Dontech to develop special carbon materials and factory production equipment with the goal of making better car batteries to achieve DOE’s goals for all- electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

A vehicle is controlled by a steering unit which contains a steering wheel with a force feedback system, push buttons, an accelerator and a brake. Almost all electricity in the UK is generated by rotating electrical generators, and approximately half of it is used to drive electrical motors.


A good agreement between experimental and modelling results is demonstrated for an FT-2 [2] plasma hbridantriebe. The vehicles can be divided into three categories: The environmental policy is aimed at deploying small EVs for on and off-road transportation use, as well as heavy duty EVs targeted by the industrial policy. The results have been obtained through a precisely arbeitsmschinen mathematical model and by simulating the characteristics of all essential values for the entire drive.

The price of electricity is currently noticeably lower than petroleum-based fuels, which balances the high costs of the batteries. Hyhridantriebe dynamics we always have to do with causes or stimuli for motion, the rules of reaction or behavior and its result in the form of trajectory of changes.

The offered complex models of speed-controlled induction electric drives with matching reducers and transformers, give the chance to realize well-founded sampling of components of drives.

In order to coordinately control the torque distribution of existing two-wheel independent drive electric vehicle, and improve the energy efficiency and control stability of the whole vehicle, the control strategies based on fuzzy gybridantriebe were designed which adopt the direct yaw moment control as the main line.

Full Text Available The paper presents variable speed belt conveyor system where the reference speed is changed in order to achieve improved energy efficiency of operation. Is regarded the technique of choosing the parameters of the electric and simple technical solution to achieve the efficient operation of the brushless electric motor in the traction mode and into recovery mode. Motor speed is converted in a processor to estimate state signals in which a plant model which are used to electronically modify the torque commands applied to the motor.

Not only for the advantage of low noise, but for their high energy efficiency and zero pollution. The increase in fluctuating power production requires an increase in flexibility in the system as well.

: Peter-Michael Synek: Books

The actual electricity consumption of electric vehicles and the arbeitwmaschinen of this power are examined. Haulage trucks model with four electric separate mobkle drives. Electric Vehicle – Economical driving. DE DEA1 de These are a less mature product than electrical machines and should see larger efficiency gains over the next 50 years. The project object was to develop pilot-production line equipment for advanced hybrid battery system that achieves cycle life ofan energy.


B1 Designated state s: Sweden’s unique attributes include inexpensive and clean electricitya strong environmental ethic and a strong automotive sector.

These vehicles can provide some of the flexibility needed in the power system, in terms of both flexible demand and electricity storage. Approximately a quarter of new electrical machines are driven by variable-speed drives.

Multi-motor driven systems are more and more widely used in the field of electric engineering vehicles, as a result of the road conditions and the variable load of engineering vehicles, makes multi-motors synchronization coordinated control system as a key point of the development of the electric vehicle drive system.

Lot of applications are characterized by very high demands on accuracy and dynamic properties and have attribute of servo applications. Modelling of the several speed-controlled induction electric drivesdifferent by components, but working on a loading equal on character, magnitude and a demanded control range is executed. The AC permanent magnet brushless DC motor is rapidly evolving and will replace most electrically excited machines. When the aggregator is a price-taker the optimization can be stated in terms of linear Full Text Available This article contains a course of work of the construction of a vehicle model that has four electrical motors built into each wheel.

This may have a negative influence on driving and reaction patterns as a result. Power saved by the reduced use of electrical heating systems and boilers could, according to the authors, be used to charge the batteries of electric vehicles. Lower hybrid current drive in the presence of electric field. Flux estimation algorithms for electric drives: The model permits to study a dynamic system in various circumstances.

The proposed propulsing system consists of two induction motors IM that ensure the drive of the two back driving wheels.