HelpNDoc and that you’ll never see documentation creation the same way from now on. We even think you will enjoy it soon. This tutorial project will let you get. But for those who cannot afford RoboHelp there are some free alternatives out there like HelpNDoc; free at least for personal use. If you need to.

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HelpNDoc provides a flexible multi-language live spell checker that puts you in control of the dictionaries and settings that are used. You may activate one or more dictionaries at a time.

Welcome to HelpNDoc

This makes it simple to define your preferences once and then use them repeatedly without manually defining styles each time you create a new project. HelpNDoc makes it easy to create image maps that allow readers to click on regions of an image to access hyperlinks.

It has also correctly set up the “project title” 3. Only a few simple steps are necessary to get up and running with a new HelpNDoc project. It is possible to create an unlimited number of build outputs in HelpNDoc and for each of those, it is possible to indicate which conditional tags needs to be included.

That’s how easy it is to create new projects with HelpNDoc. To support your specific requirements, HelpNDoc allows you to select the dictionaries that are used by the live spell checker. HelpNDoc provides over fifteen default dictionaries that you may use to spell check your help and manuals. When a template becomes obsolete, it is simple to delete it.

HelpNDoc makes it easy to helondoc conditional content, giving you complete control over what is included in each of your outputs. HelpNDoc assigns a header when you hflpndoc a new topic. You can create a style specifically designed to highlight sections of your documentation such as notes or warnings.

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In the center section of the ‘New project’ window, a default table of contents outline is provided for you. And there you futorial it. The ePub and Kindle eBooks contain not only the content from the Word document, but also the images, hyperlinks and organizational structure. In order to insert an image or another helnpdoc element into your documentation, you must first place it into the library. By default, all content in all topics is included when the documentation is published.

Plus, you can drill-down to resolve specific issues. HelpNDoc gives you the flexibility of adding new topics in two easy steps and putting them in any order within your table of contents. This order determines the order in which your documentation is generated. Log in to Reply.

You can download it at www. Once the style is created, it can rapidly be re-used throughout the project. It provides an integrated view of key stats and insights about hyperlinks and library items used throughout the entire project. Very open, clear, straight-forward GUI without any confusing tabs, pods, etc.

A Free Help File Software: HelpNDoc

You can now modify it to meet your individual needs. You can use the Project Analyzer to sort hyperlinks by their properties i. Using hyperlinks can also help readers follow steps of a process.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Keywords are displayed in alphabetical order in your keywords panel. You can use keywords to index your topics to help users to find the information they are looking for.

How to create new HelpNDoc projects | HelpNDoc

Notice how the live spell checker is always available to help you out. HelpNDoc gives you the flexibility and control to determine which of your builds are published when you generate documentation.

Learn more and download HelpNDoc free for personal use at http: These builds are displayed in your build list and can be enabled or disabled at will.

We will see how HelpNDoc can greatly help with that in another tutorial. By default, hyperlinks take readers to the beginning of specific topics. If you need to use these programs commercially you may need to pay a small licensing fee, which might be worth it. Tutoriall you update the settings and properties of your templates, it may become necessary to update the names of your templates as well.


A floating license server needs to be installed on an accessible server and will be responsible for leasing the licenses to HelpNDoc users. After importing the CHM help file, tutroial have the option of updating the content.

When a keyword becomes obsolete, it is possible to delete it from the keywords list. You can display these documents or make them available to download. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once launched, it will request a lease from the floating license server to make sure it is allowed to run.

You can click the ‘New Project’ icon here under the ‘Common tasks’ section. To help users more readily find information when they use your CHM and HTML documentation, HelpNDoc allows you to define an organizational hierarchy by forming parent-child relationships among your keywords.

Welcome to HelpNDoc

The Project Analyzer makes it easy tutroial evaluate the hyperlinks used throughout your project. HelpNDoc makes it easy to include specific topics only in selected builds by tagging them. After you copy a template, you can then tailor nelpndoc settings and properties to create customized documentation that supports your specific needs.

In addition, you can further customize settings such as color, font size, numbering style, and create conditional tags to tailor your documentation to support specific requirements. You also have the option to temporarily disable a build to prevent it from being generated.