Gunja, one of the poisonous plants reported in ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, comes under Upavisha category.[1] Gunja is used in treating various diseases. Mna Gunja Plant Seeds – Buy Mna Gunja Plant Seeds at India’s Best Online Shopping Store. Check Price in India and Shop Online. βœ“ Free Shipping βœ“ Cash on. PDF | On Oct 5, , Madhavi Hardik Patel and others published GUNJA ( ABRUS PRECATORIOUS LINN.) – A NOXIOUS PLANT -A REVIEW.

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File:Gunja (in Kannada) ().jpg – Wikimedia Commons

In Trinidad in the West Indies the brightly colored seeds are strung into bracelets and worn around the wrist or ankle to ward off jumbies or evil spirits and “mal-yeux”β€”the evil eye. The plant is also used in Ayurveda ghnja and is said to promote hair growth. Selection of seed Fully matured dry seeds were first kept in a beaker containing water. It is sometimes used as an ingredient in Indian hair products.

In this study, Shodhana of Gunja seeds were carried out by traditionally approved method. The leaves, when mixed with honey, are applied to swellings, and in Jamaica are used as a substitute for tea.

Herbs – Medicinal plants usage and Identification Data base

Microscopic profile of drugs used in Indian systems of medicine; p. There is also evidence that this plant has significant economic value to the traditional Zulu people, due to the fact that it is a form of income for Zulu people that make and sell crafts that were made from the seeds of this plant. The First 3D Book on Herbs”, page 2. Protocol for Testing, Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani medicines. Camag twin through chamber Plates: The price of one of these killings was said to total Gunja seeds contain various number of alkaloids, steroids, flavones, triterpenoides, proteins, amino acids, etc.


Followed by removal of seed coat manually and allowed to dry in shade by placing on a paper sheet.

All Questions Ask Question. During Shodhana of Gunja in Nimbu Swarasa and water, change in colour in Gunja seed m powder media was noticed and it might be due to the removal of colour containing materials from the endosperm of the seeds.

It might be due to the extraction of more soluble mass from the seeds by Nimbu Swarasa than water.

Turner and Henderson, Sydney. This study revealed differences in physico-chemical parameters of purified samples, in comparison to raw drugs. Jewelry-making with jequirity seeds is dangerous, and there have been cases of death by a finger-prick while boring the seeds for beadwork.

In Java the roots gumja considered demulcent. Username or Lpant Address. Physico-chemical parameters Assessment of the parameters such as foreign matter, moisture content, ash value, acid insoluble ash, pH with pH paper, water soluble extractive value, alcohol soluble extractive value, foaming index, and swelling index were carried out following standard procedures.

Abrus precatorius – Wikipedia

Please login or Register to submit your answer. Table 5 R f values in long UV nm of the methanolic extract of all three ginja. Assessment of the parameters such as foreign matter, moisture content, ash value, acid insoluble ash, pH with pH paper, water soluble extractive value, alcohol soluble extractive value, foaming index, plaant swelling index were carried out following standard procedures. Authors are thankful to the Director, Institute for Post Graduate Teaching hunja Research in Gunma for providing facilities to carry out the research work and staff of pharmaceutical laboratory for necessary help and guidance during the study.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Home how to grow and care Gunja. Fabaceae pea family A high-climbing, twining, or trailing woody vine with alternately compound leaves, indigenous to India. The Tamils use Abrus seeds of different colors. Open in a separate window. Compendium of Indian medicinal plants; pp. Preparation of media Matured fruits of Nimbu were collected from the local market and juice was extracted manually.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The seeds of Abrus precatorius are very consistent in weight. Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office; Abrus precatorius has different names in various Indian and other languages. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.

Abrus precatorius is a severely invasive plant in warm temperate to tropical regions, so much so that it has become effectively pantropical in distribution.

File:Gunja (in Kannada) (5495997557).jpg

Indian Council of Medical Research; The white variety is used to prepare oil that is claimed to be an aphrodisiac. The seeds those floated on the surface of water or found broken and fade in gunjq, were rejected. R f values in short UV nm of the methanolic extract of all three samples.

There are persistent reports that the workers who pierce the seeds in order to thread them can suffer poisoning or even death from yunja pinprick, but there seems to be little evidence.

Springer Verlag, Heidelberg; Effect of Shodhana after Shodhana with Nimbu Swarasa lemon juice and water.

The Pharmacographia Indica gives an account, based in part on the above work, describing the sutaris or suis the terms being equivalent, depending on district, with the former based on the object’s resemblance to the point of a cobbler’s awl.