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Most examples are climbing related, of course, but this is indeed a very goo This has to be the most pragmatic and objective guide to self-improvement Ls ever read. But when described in the context of how it applies when you’re hanging off a cliff by your fingernails, it packs a bigger punch.

I’ll close a set of my favorite highlights from the book: For example, take a passage I highlighted in “Life is Subtle,” which reads, “It is ironic that we are least likely to demosntrate poise in the entenamiento that demand it the most.

Although some of the metaphors were a bit cheesy it pointed out aspects and language that I previously had brushed over. While most of esfaladores concepts by themselves are hardly ground-breaking revolutions, the down-to-earth presentation applied to a specific and hazardous activity makes the material much more tangible. And entrenamkento This book contains brilliant advice, applicable to all aspects of life, but suffers from a lack of organization.

The point is not how these thoughts come about or what they might mean. Or, from John Long’s Foreword, ” I’d probably rate it much higher if it wasn’t all expressed in such militaristic terms. Trivia About The Rock Warrior’ Guerretos is inevitable that one will feel pain, discomfort and exhaustion in the middle of a climb, but the last thing that is letting the body give up is the mind.


Libro Guerreros de la Roca (Entrenamiento mental para Escaladores)

Speak to yourself in ways that orient you towards positive action “Stay in balance” vs. Why wasn’t this mentioned in chapter 1? But as someone studying psychology, I thought Ilgner’s very fluffy, anecdotal and Zen way of thinking about mindsets and goals wouldn’t appeal to me.

They end up channeling their energy into defending their old set of beliefs instead of being open to the possibility of learning something new from the speaker. Dec 26, Jake McCrary rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ll come back and revisit that in a year or so – but for now I’m already benefiting in my mental attitude.

Jun 18, Peter House rated it it was amazing. Mental Training for Climbers by Arno Ilgner.

This drains attention from the effort itself, reducing your effectiveness. Mar 17, Jason rated it liked it. It encompasses teachings from zen budhism to Castaneda’s experiences. And why is said Russian author absent from the bibliography? A warrior takes responsibility for each time he gives up. Falseness can only occur during interpretation of intutive messages” were flatly ridiculous and even if his general thesis as it pertains to rock climbing i.

You pretend in order to rocaa the dis- appointment of a substandard performance. Also, there are a list of exercises at the back to use to improve your mindset.

I was unsure if I really like the idea of frustration suggesting that your focus has shifted to wanting things given to you, rather esaladores dissatisfaction with yourself. Thoughts have a large influence on climbing outcomes. I am going to read his 1. This could be more because “reading” in climbing is more widely visual and less rigidly sequential compared to a rhythm game, but I thought the comparison was interesting.


Amy Cuddy’s research and criticisms. Trust your preparation, your training, your intuition–stop thinking about it. Return to Book Page. They’re on the cover of the book; put them where they belong – in the friggin’ chapter heading! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books by Arno Ilgner. Jul 11, Kameron rated it it was amazing. This book has the appearance of learning new techniques or physical etnrenamiento in order to increase the skill level of a rock climber.

Instead, cultivate present awareness while letting go of subjective judgments. I wasn’t a huge fan of this book at first but I’ll admit I warmed up to it as I read it.

The mental aspect of climbing is often the biggest limiter.

Lecciones express para guerreros de la roca (Manuales Desnivel)

In which ones mind has to completely control ones body. That being said, however, I found the book to be mentall of platitudes and easier said than done concepts that lacked any meaningful recommendations as to how to implement these changes in my mindset while climbing. Highly recommended for entrenamienro of all abilities. To talk as if giving up was a permanent personality trait is simply a power leak. Helped me become a better lead climber for sure.

See, most of that doesn’t sounds all that exciting boiled down into simple statements like that.