The ClassicNote study guide on Gorilla, My Love contains a biography of Toni Cade Bambara, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz. Gorilla, My Love. Toni Cade Bambara “Gorilla, My Love” is the story of Hazel, a young girl who feels that adults do not treat children with respect and. GORILLA, MY LOVE Source for information on Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary.

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Most movie theaters across the country show the same movies at the same time.

Paperbackpages. And don’t even say they sorry. Big Brood mutters protests, but she has to take action, as in hiding the money when older boys cave it or jumping on the back of an older boy who takes a basketball. Looking forward to the rest of this.

Which really ain’t enough cwde keep the mind alive, though Baby Jason got no better sense than to give his undivided attention and keep grabbin at the photograph which is just a picture of some skinny woman in a countrified bu with her hand shot up to her face like she shame fore cameras.

They called for self-determination for African Americans, an end to global capitalism, and a new unity among African nations to fight for racial equality around the world. Hazel stirs the children in the crowd to protest loudly, and marches into the manager’s office to demand her money back.

Each narrator and dialect required the work of going into gogilla world where I didn’t know the lingo and hadn’t ever visited personally so I had to gather a lot from context and I felt like I was missing more of it than I was getting. The subtle and varied strategies used to achieve this double vision include puns and pantomime and is a form of Signifyin g. She avoids a whipping from her father by speaking up and explaining that the adults had made a promise—that they would show Gorilla, My Love —and broken it.


Set yorilla by the photo bmbara Hunca Bubba’s woman who is not only never granted the privilege of a name in Hazel’s narration, but is also seen as enacting a gesture that expresses fear of the cameraHazel takes the movie house in the background of the photo as her cue for pushing out the woman gotilla and for bringing her passion for movies to the fore “Cause I am a movie freak from way back …”.

Gorilla, My Love |

While Hazel postures as a demonstrator and longs to join the protest movement, until she can Signify, she cannot enlist followers or “say uncle” for her community. Her fiction reveals the pain and the joy of the human experience in general, of what it means to be human, and most often of what it means to be young and human. She cries and cries, knowing for certain that children “must stick together or be forever lost” because grown-ups cannot be trusted.

Some stories also felt too overworked and forced. Hunca Bubba laughs and says that he had been teasing, but this only confirms for Hazel that adults, including her favorite uncle, will lie to children whenever they want to, “And don’t even say they sorry.

Gorilla, My Love

From to she taught at City College in New York. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

I’m a new somebody”‘Hazel is not buying and turns to her little brother for solace, bitterly condemning the perfidy of adults: She had come to find a fiction writer’s life too solitary, and so in her last years, she focused most of her writing energy on more collaborative projects, including television and film scripts.

Her job is to help patrons find their seats, and to help keep order in the theater. The vernacular norm becomes firmly established for the volume not only through the first two stories, but even before them through the brilliantly succinct and witty adoption of black vernacular by the author in her one-page introduction “A Sort of Preface” where “straight-up fiction” is equated with lying in the sense in which this term has always been used in the black oral tradition, as an equivalent for storytelling and is set up against the autobiographical impetus as detrimental to such basic social networks as family and friends.


Hazel has demonstrated her fine sense for resenting manipulation by commenting on the disadvantages of sitting in the back of the car where the dust and the moving weight of the pecan sacks assume terrorizing proportions, and she has opted for the role of navigator, or Scout, next to the driver for that reason.

Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara, |

She becomes the leader and the spokesperson for juvenile injustice. Feb 23, Alex Fontanetta rated it liked it Shelves: But Hazel and young Toni are not the same person.

At the first read, these stories can be challenging. Hazel’s feelings are nearly universal, shared by most adolescents. But Gorilla, My Love as a whole is consistently intriguing–both for its content and linguistic efforts. I read it several times and still don’t understand it completely.

Emerging from her reminiscent self-confession are three themes: Other forms of emotional bonding with her brothers, her family, other children will sustain Hazel and tide her over the experienced disillusionment, the text seems to suggest; but her outlook will remain agonistic, goeilla. How do these devices contribute to the story as a whole? I don’t mean that as a bad thing, I mean, it’s difficult but rewarding.

The stories at a glance appear to be about one thing, but they reveal so much more about tkni lives and expriences of black people in America.

This angers Hazel, and reminds her of an Easter Sunday when she and her brothers went to the movies.