When I rejoined Sylvie, I found her weeping because of the crown I had When it was currently reported that Gérard de Nerval had. SYLVIE Source for information on Sylvie by Gérard de Nerval, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. Complete summary of Gérard Labrunie’s Sylvie. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Sylvie. Gérard de Nerval. Gérard Labrunie.

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The story commences with the narrator enjoying the plays at a theatre. The narrator throughout gerxrd novella is in the eternal quest for Ideal love and he struggles with his love for mythical female personae respectively Aurelie-Adrienne greard a reality in the form of peasant girl Sylvie.

Here we do indeed find much that is individual to Nerval himself, but “Sylvie” is likewise testimony to the extent to which his own attitude and outlook were themselves shaped by his reading. Beautifully written, worth reading. The world of Sylvie, in all its vague appearances, is a world in which nothing is what one expects.

This indicates that the time has come to a stop: Proust called it a “masterpiece”.

Sylvie (novel) – Wikipedia

The narrator’s relationship with her is complicated by the role of Adrienne, though it is not clear whether she is real or a figment of the narrator’s imagination. Una lingua, a mio gusto, squisita, che carezza la pelle come un petalo di rosa, scivolandoti ‘addosso’ dolcemente.

Owing much to observation and experience, “Sylvie” also hovers on the brink of a dreamworld made up of personal reminiscence and artistic predilections, so that we are introduced to a curiously unstructured but nonetheless intoxicatingly seductive amalgam of the present and the past, the real and the imagined. It was first published inmeaning that it is far out of copyright – and so anyone intrigued grard this review, I “I went to bed but found no rest; and as I lay there between sleeping and waking, memories of my childhood thronged about me.

An idyll geratd in the form of a reminiscence, the story is about a hero’s love for three women, all of whom he loses – a hymn to unattainable, unrequited love. The perspective seems to shift back and forth between the past and present, so the reader is never entirely sure if the narrator is recounting past events from memory, or retelling current events as they happen. All you want is a drama, and the climax evades you.


This short novel is for me a little sypvie jewel of the romantic literature,has a exquisite,elegant,cult and with nervak references to the classic world prose. The most fascinating episode comes in the fourth section, entitled, in a reminiscence of Jean-Antoine Watteau ‘s famous painting of”A Voyage to Nerva. Dejected, he again returns to Paris. He really goes off the deep end, and the whole time dream and reality are supposed to be blurred.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Ds true beauty of this work, is not simply the confusion of memory, not simply the treatment of loves and ideals, but the blending of the two into a sort of self-delusion for the narrator.

The Modern Language Review, Vol. Modern Language Association http: The novella progresses in a nonlinear format from a theatre in Paris to the Alps. Lists with This Book. The first of the story’s 14 short sections takes us from the present, the s, to an earlier period in the narrator’s life when he frequented the Parisian theaters, not so much to enjoy the plays as to pay silent homage from afar to the leading actress.

It was not to tell the hour that I bought this time- piece in Touraine. Che dire ora, che non sia la storia di tanti altri? In the garden scene she was sublime Upon his arrival he hears about her marriage and who is now gerrad mother of two.

Sylvie: souvenirs du Valois by Gérard de Nerval

The novella is a token and hymn to the unattainable and unrequited love, which the protagonist yearns forever. The problem is that even nerrval, catching little biographical anecdotes or praise from other esteemed writers I feel that the problem must be with me somehow, that I did not appreciate it properly because I read it at the wrong time or in the wrong way or in the wrong translation, but I just could!

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Sylvie is a kind of idyll written in the form of memoirs and reminiscence, verard the story surrounds around the narrator who loves three different women, all of whom he loses in the quest for ideal love. It is a simbol in the form of the memories of a man of the fruitless search of the idealistic sublimated romantic love represented by three differet women. The narrator also loves Adrienne, of noble birth, tall with blonde hair, she is an “ideal beauty”, but she lives in a convent, and dies an early death.


To ask other readers questions about Sylvieplease sign up. Return to Book Page. As they pass by a monastery, the narrator happens to mention the name of Adrienne much to the utter dismay of Sylvie. And we can see this double-grafting of Sylvie and Adrienne in his description of her on the day of the preciously mentioned confrontation: This is gerad central obfuscation of the nouvelle’s narration – dream, delusion, or reality?

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As Flaubert warns in Madame Bovary: My only criticism is that it was sometimes hard to tell when Nerval was writing a memory and when he was actually writing the events taking place in the timeline of the story. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a shlvie link. Aug 27, Satrina T rated it liked it.

What will capture the reader’s emotions is the evocative language Nerval employs. The novel is ostensibly a tale of unrequited love.

We find in Sylvie the class-founded ideal of the “peasant girl,” and idyllic kind of romantic ideal which is completely divorced from the reality of the person. The Method of Myth. It sounded exceptional, elusive, playing geard time and memory, with elements of Romanticism and lost beauty and all the other things that you can name to gain my immediate attention.

In the vacation of dd following year, I learned that this lovely girl, who had but flitted past me, was destined by her family to a religious life The story was a favorite of Marcel Proust, and the parallel themes of memory, time, love and jealousy are poignant in Sylviethough in much smaller doses than in Proust’s epic.