Furuno USA Inc Automatic Identification Systems . Installation Manual CLASS A AIS Model FA PRODUCT NAME: U-AIS TRANSPONDER SAFETY .. For FA to FA retrofits, use the optional replacement kit (OP). .. File Type: PDF File Type Extension: pdf MIME Type: application/pdf PDF Version: FA OPERATORS MANUAL details for FCC ID ADB9ZWFA made by Furuno USA Inc. Document Includes User Manual OPERATORS MANUAL. FURUNO will assume no responsibility for the damage caused by improper use or The FURUNO AIS (Automatic Identification System) model FA or FA- Note: The file name is composed of a single alphabet, the file type, and.

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Furuno FA – RCOM Marine Equipment

Use the scrollwheel to set the speed. It is mainly dependent on the pulselength, antenna height, and futuno processingsuch as main bang reduction and digital quantization.

Unacknowledgedalarms are displayed first in the list in red textin the order in which they appearin the Alert Box.

This feature isavailable with an installation preset. In later sections only the procedure for menu operation by trackball is given.

Press the [ENT] key. Use the trackball to select the MARK box at the left side of the display. Set up barge information as follows: Total number of sentences needed to transfer the message, 1 to The default furnuo of each brillianceset are is in the table below.


When both sea clutter and rain clutter are reduced the sensitivity isdecreased more than when only one is adjusted. Routine messages are alsopermitted. TT target number automatically assigned to corresponding ship’strack on fileyype plotter display.

Note however that the 2nd targetalarm zone is available only when the 1st target alarm zone is active. Page 2 The paper used in this manualis elemental chlorine free. Select manual tuning following the procedure in section 1.

The procedure I posted will allow the change. Canceling individual flietype keyboard: Roll the scrollwheel to choose an antenna then push the left button.

Operate the trackball to place the origin of theNo.

Each radar pulse receivedcauses it to transmit a response which is swept repetitively across the completeradar frequency band. AIS symbols are shown in dotted lines in the following cases: An exceptionally compact GPS antenna is also available in the separate configuration. All AIS symbols disappear, but tracking continues internally. You may use up to 15alphanumeric characters for waypoint name. Recommendations on filefype in To go to page 2, select 0 NEXT.

Proceed as follows to execute the diagnostic test: How does one find the URL. Fx-150 radar equipment contains complex modules in which faultdiagnosis and repair down to component level are not practicable byusers.


Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Select desired time of day and background color combination. Enter latitude and longitudeposition as follows.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Hex sentence number, 1 to FF3. Press the [MENU] key to save the settings. Push the left button to select the trail time as below. The symbol of the corresponding AIStarget is shown in dotted lines. Thesetting range is Privacy Guaranteed – your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time.

Note that targets that have been activated automatically cannot be”slept. You can disable unnecessary ones as follows: After observing the results turn off the performance monitor. The target bearing is show in relative bearing in the head-up mode and truebearing in the course-up, north-up and true motion modes, with the suffix “R” Relative or “T” True. There are several signal formats; in general,the RACON signal appears on the radar screen as a rectangular echooriginating at a point just beyond the position of the radar beacon.