I’m personally going through Segoe&Seigen Tesuji Dictionary – it is more of a problem book than Fujisawa dictionary – but I think it would be too. Dictionary of Basic Tesuji has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. 4th volume of Shuko’s dictionary. This volume covers life and death tesuji and endgame tesuji. Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji has 10 ratings and 2 reviews. Frank said: A little Fujisawa Shuko Be the first to ask a question about Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji.

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Segoe Tesuji Dictionary at Sensei’s Library

Philip Dumala marked it as to-read Apr 06, It’s just, well, I went through vol 1 twice a long time ago when I was k. Just for reference, this is a huge book, over pages long. Sat Dictionray 16, 5: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Just out of curiosity, anyone know how much such translation rights cost, and the prospect of being able to publish such a translation and NOT lose money? There is a big diagram and beside it the technique’s name is printed in bold letters, in a cartouche. Finlay rated it really liked it Oct 11, Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Lists with This Book. It is well worth translating that name, if nothing else, for that tells you what to look for in that kind of situation.

I have been casually learning Japanese for a while: Edit page Discuss page. Dan marked it as to-read Jul 24, Note that these letters are in the other alphabetical order i ro ha ni ho he to chi ri nu ru wo wa ka yo ta re so tsu ne na ra mu – you won’t need more than that unless you read early 20th c. That said, sometimes the drivel can be extremely funny, as in one English text book for foreigners that a friend once showed me, which taught one how to say “I say, why don’t you go to the Fishmongers and buy us some haddock for our tea?


I’d say never look at the answer, and don’t ever settle for a “possible” sequence. I have started to recognise the “tesuji” kanji beside many of the diagrams, but it is very helpful to know that the other diagrams usually show good alternatives, rather than failures.

Can anyone confirm that these books are the same?

Dictionary of Basic Tesuji: Volume 1: Tesuji for Attacking by Fujisawa Shuko 9 Dan | LibraryThing

Now the Fujisawa work seems to be a much more scholarly and thorough rendering of that whole ‘syllabus’, which has often been recycled through magazines and hack collections. I would start with the Graded Go Problems vol. Perhaps I’m stupid for not having been able to spot snapbacks very well until I was 8 kyu – or indeed dicctionary for getting to 8 kyu with pathetic reading skills.

I look forward to reading Volume 2 although not right away. Charles Matthews General comment here. Anon marked it as to-read May 22, Lists with This Book. Holger Maerz marked it as to-read Jun 03, Now turn the book upside-down and do them again. Even in this short time I have become more devious, perhaps because I am beginning to see that tactics can have much more dictiionary characteristics than one might first realise, both on a large and a small scale: I’ve not even finished the first volume but it is even now, the first book after Lessons in the fundamentals of Go and Attack and Defensewhich I read some years ago, which has a real impact tssuji my play and strength.

There are other fjuisawa for that. It’s published by the Nihon Ki-inwho probably hold the translation rights.

I made it through about 20 pages before it started gathering dust, which I figure is better than all four volumes gathering dust. I suspect that using materials like this, for which I need to be persistent to get the information that I want, will do a lot of good for my Japanese as a by-product.


While personnally, I never think instinctively a dictipnary is alive when it doesn’t already have two eyes, so Dictuonary do not wonder about such things, I wonder about where to put down my stones to make two eyes happen.

There are plenty of problems involving groups that I would have just taken one glance at and written off as already alive that were actually killable. There are many tens of problems involving snapbacks, throw-ins, and so on. What victionary you want to learn japanese for?

If you study a game and come to a point where you think that, say, a way of strengthening a base is called for, the Fujisawa book gives a long list of splendid examples.

Fujisasa of Basic Tesuji Volume 2: I think it’s important for everyone who does tsumego to be aware that both factions exist, though, and I think anyone who looks at the answers and finds they’ve got a significant number wrong is doing something wrong – either by doing tsumego that are too hard or by not spending enough time on them.

I think this is true for the whole program, but I am not sure yet.

Dictionary Of Basic Tesuji: Volume 1: Tesuji For Attacking

Fri Mar 15, 6: If long, assume it’s worth the effort of reading it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Tamsin Thanks very much John for those notes. Usually, the tesuji is the one that corresponds to the word in the cartouche – e. Section 4 covers kos in capturing races the introductory text here is quite valuable, though most of it has filtered through to the west already. Edit page Discuss page. Paperbackpages.