FM3A Film SLR User Manual. What is this? This is the “FM3A Film SLR User Manual” in Adobe PDF format. Nikon user manuals available from. View and Download Nikon FM3A instruction manual online. FM3A Digital Camera pdf manual download. Nikon FM3A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual.

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When you pull the film-advance lever to the standoff position and lightly press the shutter-release button, the exposure-meter turns on and the exposure in- dication appears in the viewfinder.

I made up that part. An LED light also glows steadily when the flash is ready, and blinks once after the flash is fired and manuak exposure is achieved. TTL flash With the TTL flash system, the camera measures the flash of a speedlight reflected from the subject to obtain the proper level of flash illumination.

Page 14 Loading Film Continued Advance the film on the film- takeup spool. Standard production Nikon FM Series models: With the FM3the filter factor need not be considered except with the R60 filter.

In this case, or when you want to achieve a certain effect, exposure compensation is recommended. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Glossary AE lock A function to temporarily store the exposure setting determined by the camera in memory. Got it, continue to print. It was only let down by assuming all new owners are seasoned photographers who are migrated from older MF Nikon SLR models while on the other hand, presume most of them have already had a sound knowledge on fundamentals of photography and Nikon 35mm SLR photographic system.

The maximum count-down time of the self-timer is approx. The FM3a has a self-timer which automatically raises and locks the mirror before the exposure is made, a hot-shoe, and a PC connection. The film speed can be read off the film canister through a transparent window on the back of the camera. Contents [ show ]. The mirror frame is titanium and very solid. Again, the aperture is visible thorough the ADR. The camera uses a standard cable release, it is also one of the few manual-focus Nikon SLRs vm3a have automatic DX as well as manual film speed indexing.


However, it was totally manual. Return the film-advance lever to its folded position. Without a true manual camera in the stable, Hari Kari was the only alternative! Which required a battery.

Nikon FM3A SLR Camera – Main Reference Map

Lens Compatibility Lens Compatibility Any of the following lenses can be used with this camera. Loading Film Continued Advance the film on the film- takeup spool. Insert and twist the lens counter- clockwise as shown by the arrow. The FM3a was built to a level of workmanship and material quality beyond that of most competitive fma available during its short production run.

CE stands for Conformite Europenne. While holding down the expo- sure-compensation lock release buttonrotate the film-speed setting ring Set the compensation index to the desired compensation value. The modern vertical metal shutter uses precision-tapered strong aluminium alloy blades and oilless self-lubricating bearings.

Officially started marketing in yearNikon FM3A can still be considered as a very new camera. The camera’s classic metal construction also attracted customers wanting a camera built to earlier generation standards. Shutter Speed and Aperture Setting The shutter-speed setting specifies the length of time the film will be exposed by opening and closing of the shutter curtains, f3a the aperture setting determines the amount of light that passes through the lens.

Nikon FM3A SLR Camera – Instruction Manual – Index Page

And not a serious contender to film yet. Nikon FM3a Repair Manual 13 pages. The meter of the camera is switched on when the film advance lever is moved away from the body and the shutter lightly depressed. It is a superb lens, manuao and sharp, and it looks great on the camera, especially with its unique convex hood.


This marking guarantees that the product meets all applicable EC regulations. While Minolta went whole heartedly into the eye control thingie, and Canon actually changed lens mounts, Nikon only got on board when they thought it was a truly necessary endeavor.

Nikon FM3A Manuals

There is no disrespect for all the nice folks at Nikon who have prepared the publication of the official manual, on the contrary, I was quite amazed after checking it thoroughly In comparison with many other user’s manuals for older Nikon manual focus SLRs, the manual for the new Nikon camera is a vast improvement in both of its content writing and illustration.

Recommended links to understand more technical details related to the Nikkor F-mount and production Serial Number: Additional Information Additional Information Keeping this information in mind may help you avoid problems.

Installing Batteries Installing Batteries Tips Three types of batteries can be used with this camera. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual

Chapters Table Of Contents Most of the content appeared in this site is largely based on a copy of an original Nikon FM3A Instruction Manual to construct. The film speed can be set manually in the range of ISO 12 to Self-timer Photography Self-Timer Photography Tips The self-timer is useful when you want to include yourself in a group shot or to prevent camera shake.

Glossary Glossary AE lock A function to temporarily store the exposure setting determined by the camera in memory. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Loading Film Tips When you use DX-coded film, the camera automatically detects the film speed and makes the appropriate setting.