Home arrow Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC arrow FM Mine/Countermine Operations. Reference URL. Share. Save to. Field Manual (FM) provides United States (US) armed forces with tactical, technical, and procedural guidance for conducting mine and countermine. Field Manual FM Mine/Countermine Operations at the Company Level [ Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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This allows mines that fail the arming sequence to self-destruct.

FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations

After the mines are destroyed, engineers proof used lanes and routes to ensure that all the mines were eliminated. Finally, the obstacle is tied into severely restricted terrain restricted terrain as a minimum at the initial point of the turn.

Chapter 3 discusses the characteristics and emplacement procedures for each of the SCATM I NE systems, Chapter 6 outlines procedures for row mining using conventional mines, and Chapter 7 is dedicated to the standard- pattern minefield.

D Scatterable Minefield Report and Record When used, one mine dump supports a single obstacle group. A lethal minefield that is covered by intense fires and has an easily detectable bypass reduces breach decisions to instinct and causes the enemy to choose the bypass turn.

They are not precisely placed; however, the minefield boundaries are. Terrain visualization is vital to proper obstacle-group design.

The operator uses the DCU to control the dispensing operation electrically from within the carrier vehicle. There are two mission-essential tasks inherent in the employment of a phony minefield: Initial lane marking is kept to a minimum, centering on markings needed to pass immediate assault forces through the lane to seize the initial foothold on the objective. Preliminary hazard-analysis work sheet disarming M16 E Figure E It defines the four types of minefields— protective, tactical, nuisance, and phony.


Grizzly gure The number of clusters in the IOE is multiplied by the cluster composition to determine the number of mines, by type, in the entire IOE. Alternately, the corps staff could direct theemplacing unit to pick up the obstacle material from a location such as the corps storage area.

Each mine contains grams of composition B4 as its main charge. Linear clearance method gure opefations Due to the Scatterable Mines and Mine Delivery Systems C2, FM weight of the system, it will normally be transported by vehicle, as close as possible to the emplacement site, where it can easily be hand-emplaced by four soldiers using the four foldout carrying handles.

The turn groups 2 and 5combined with a heavy volume of AT fires from a company team at the turning point, achieves this. By using full-width mines, the probability of kill increases for counterminr minefield. TheTF engineer should be cognizant of flank protection, weapon mije and ranges, and the overall commander’s intent for the entire force before placing obstacle priority on the main EA.

FM Table of Contents

I n many cases, the SD period may be set at only a few hours. This is often overlooked and is difficult to control because they are emplaced at the small-unit level. The Volcano uses M87 and M87A1 mine canisters. Commanders normally use the disrupt effect forward of EAs. Clusters on an IOE short strip gure Planning factors for standardized row minefields MOPMS in a fix minefield Dismounted forces may require a system of guides instead of far recognition markers for passing combat forces; however, far recognition markers must be emplaced as soon as possible to reduce guide requirements for passing mounted sustainment traffic.


Assigning a specific obstacle effect to a control measure becomes obstacle intent, giving the obstacle effect, target, and location. The mines can be buried after the lane is closed. Tactical minefields may be employed by themselves or in conjunction with other types of tactical obstacles.

Activator M5 pressure-release FD Figure Preliminary hazard-analysis work sheet command detonation This causes emplacing vehicles to stop work, reload, and pick up where they left off.

SLAM in timed-demolition mode Hornets are emplaced beginning on the friendly side of the cluster. Hornet area-disruption obstacle Area-disruption obstacles are normally armed by remote, but they can be manually armed under the following conditions: For example, if the desired density isthe total density is 3.

Hornet minimum emplacement distances xv C3 Page Table Methods of actuating mines Introduction FM Mechanical. Land-based mines and munitions are hand-emplaced, remote-delivered, ground-delivered, or air-delivered: There is no guarantee that phony minefields will achieve their purpose. Sample task organization for an area clearance Site layout gure No mines should remain active after the SD time has been reached.