Description. Generator gearboxes can be used for the low-cost production of electricity on board. They are used with low-speed diesel engines and can be used. Flender-Graffenstaden also manufactures auxiliary gear units used on some of the With an installed fleet of more than 13 high speed gearboxes and more . precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a latest knowledge in the field of gearboxes, every single gear unit is tested in.

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The OEM offered a new gearbox. Vestas V 47 Condition: We have for sale Gear Boxes for Vestas V47 windturbines. We aim to build and sustain long-term partnership relationships based on trust. By choosing solutions from the Flender portfolio, DHHI is benefiting from lightweight energy-efficient drives. Bonus Nordtank Micon Price: One of their diverse range of fields is hoisting machinery. Bonus — Micon —Nordtank Condition: Gearbox — Metso PLH Learn more… SERVICES With an installed fleet of more than 13 high speed gearboxes and more than 60 years of experienceFlender-Graffenstaden will become your alliance partner for the maintenance of your equipment at the highest technological level of performance and durability.

Dubai-UAE – February Field Service Engineers are on constant standby to visit any ship or plant throughout the world. Flender had inspected the starboard outer clutch after difficulties with clutching had been reported. Ship owners and Industrial companies throughout the world value the reassurance of the superior support provided by the skilled and dedicated engineering and technical specialists that form the GBS Gearsbox Services team.

It was therefore recommended to keep these used clutch plates as spares. The gearbox housing around the hydraulic clutch had been removed, cleaned and reinstalled. We are active in high-demand market segments marine, industry, windwhere our customers expect the fastest response in order to minimize downtime costs. More info Add to cart. Be sure to take advantage! We offer you helical and planetary gear units from the standard modular system or as finished application solution.


Gearboxes Wind turbine flenedr Many working examples exist fender improvements we have made to non-Flender gearboxes, that have extended the life of the gearbox. Full load testing test bench report available. GBS Gearbox Gearbx international is the fastest, full service, worldwide specialist in gearbox repair of Flender gearboxes.

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For more than 60 yearsFlender-Graffenstaden is recognised as the world leader for Gearboxes used in Industrial Power Generation applications including either gas turbine or steam turbine driven generators.

Gearbox for Vestas V Each gearbox has two hydraulic Ortlinghaus clutches. With an unrivalled average 25 years industry and marine experience, they are fflender fully qualified and certified to work in all environments, both on and offshore. Today you, our customer, are looking for optimised technical solutions at competitive prices.

The ship was designed to meet the particular constraints of small wharves and shallow drafts. The outcome of the inspection was that the clutch plates were worn gearbx needed to be replaced. Used but fully working, we sell at Their high level of technical experience enables most work to be carried out on-site, supported by an practical experienced team of world-leading design and research engineers in the Netherlands.

FLENDER gearbox repair

Eickhoff Total units available: Designed to meet specific customer needs, our products can reach rotation speeds up to rpm and powers up to MW. Having experience with a wide variaty of brands, we know the weakspots and strengths of any brand and can not only repair but often improve the reliability of any gearbox system. For industries looking for high efficiency compression systems, Flender-Graffenstaden provides single or multiple gearbo integral gear units using single helical and thrust collar designs.


Market See for more projects in the Energy Industry market.

We therefore offer worldwide gearbox support for 24 hours a day. We have a winning track record in Flender servicing!

Flender Total units available: Winergy Total units available: Stork is an independent service supplier and is not bound by contractual relationships with any OEM. These ships can load and diskharge a full cargo of 2, tons of sand or gravel in under three hours.

Based on the most modern technologies and latest knowledge in the field of gearboxes, every single gear unit is tested in our facility to demonstrate satisfying operation while highly reliable instrumentation is installed to enable efficient monitoring on-site.

Our engineers went to the United Arab Emirates to repair and inspect this gearbox for our client. It includes a multifaceted range of universal gear units, application-specific gear units and customer-specific solutions.

Flender technology is in use in thousands of applications worldwide, including: In order to transmit gexrbox high powers, our case hardened and geargox teeth are grounded with optimized corrections to ensure gearbix load distribution in operation and provide high reliability during the entire service life of the product.

The damaged gearbox was a hoisting gearbox for the deck crane.