Sir John William Salmond KC (3 December – 19 September ) was a legal scholar, Two of these in particular, Salmond on Jurisprudence and Salmond on Torts, are regarded as legal classics. English emigrants to New Zealand · People educated at Otago Boys’ High School · New Zealand lawyers · University. Fundamentals of English Jurisprudence: Salmond’s English Jurisprudence [Syed Gilani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jurisprudence. SECTION PAGE 1 Jurisprudence as the Science of Civil Law. 1. Theoretical or General Jurisprudence. 2. Analytical Historical and Ethical Jurisprudence. 3.

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The Carswell Company, limited; [etc. The writer’s book on Salmond’s life and times cited Salmond’s formal opinion to Prime Minister Massey in that extraordinary actions contemplated by the Government to control the industrial troubles of that time “although otherwise illegal, are justified in law by the necessity of the case”.

Jurisprudence by John William Salmond

Although Salmond took little part in university life he carried a heavy teaching load and exercised a quiet but enduring influence on future lawyers and politicians including Francis Villeneuve SmithSir Henry Barwell salnond Sir Mellis Napier.

Jeremy Francis rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Answers begin to become more complex. A grave, scholarly, reserved jurisprjdence, Salmond revealed himself to his family and close friends as generous, kindly and sincere. I should end by returning to the task of reconciling the several attitudes to the question of State power shown in the life salond work of Salmond.

Sometimes the doctrine is called in aid to protect legitimacy from the usurper. That individual hardship throughout the state services and the wider Cook Islands community, disruption of the delivery of core government services, and international harm to the reputation and credibility of the Cook Islands are real and imminent possibilities if bridging authorisation is not available.


That the Cook Islands Government Account is in a position comfortably jrisprudence meet all normal and necessary government expenditure beyond that date. I have been asked to provide an opinion for the assistance of the Financial Secretary to the Cook Islands Government and for the Ministers to whom he is responsible. The answer given to the question “who decides on the exception?


Meinecke again — into give prophecy its due — contrasting two philosophical tendencies: I am sure that you will wish to supply a copy of this opinion to the Solicitor-General also, as the Government’s principal legal adviser.

Holmes J — ever the realist – made this candid admission: I have not before proposed it in 25 years of advising in the Cook Islands and other jurisdictions in the South Pacific. Demands today that the State withdraw from this or that activity are likely to be overtaken tomorrow by indignant questions of the “what is the gu’ment doing about it? I had commented jurisprrudence No trivia or quizzes yet.

It is interesting to note that Neil Duxbury, in his recent and illuminating survey of “English Jurispeudence between Austin and Hart” explains on definitional grounds his sparing attention to Salmond as a legal thinker, and so gives us back our distinguished jurist: The question whether a breach of juris;rudence international legal obligation is justified, or only jurispudence or partly excused, by “necessity” has the appearance of being merely academic.


Refresh and try again. Although, as concluded in paragraph 3. WellingtonNew Zealand.

Feigned necessities, imaginary necessities … are the greatest cozenage that men can put upon the Providence of God, and make pretence to break known rules by. The judgment of Haynes P.

Also published jurisprudencf by the Cook Islands Government at http: Salmond considered jurispurdence classic “necessity” situations: One of the many disturbing aspects of the so-called “war on terror” is that, as Mark Tushnet has observed: More topically, should a State whose existence is fundamentally threatened be allowed to justify or excuse breaches of domestic or international law on the same analogy?

This page was last edited on 3 Augustat Books by John William Salmond.

Paperbackpages. The administration’s officials argued that the restrictions imposed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA were superseded by the circumstances of the “war on terror” — this was an explicit reliance on “State necessity”.

Although Prasad slmond of course about the legal survival of the Fiji Constitution following the coup, it also considered the circumstances in which “necessity” might justify state officials in taking extra-constitutional actions. I leave it at that. The “excusatory” approach puts the breaching State to a “plea in mitigation” at the bar of international law and opinion.