Bolivia: Tasas específicas y generales de fecundidad y tasa bruta de .. Bolivia: Tendencias de la atención materna, ENDSA y , EDSA Encuesta Nacional de Demografia y Salud (ENDSA ) also provides new statistical information on knowledge, attitudes and practices related to HIV. Title: Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud ENDSA [National Publisher: Publication Location: La Paz, Bolivia: MSD, PRS, INE y Macro International.

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El Cuestionario Individual de Hombres. Some ethnic groups, or populations from specific geographic zones, were averse to blood tests so this prior sensitisation and mobilisation stage is especially important for anaemia studies. The inclusion of haemoglobin Hb analysis to determine anaemia status in SMART surveys gives a more complete nutritional status assessment, dndsa with regard to potential constraints for adequate child growth and development due to iron deficiency.

El cuestionario individual de mujeres fue aplicado de manera completa en 16, mujeres y comprende los siguientes grandes temas: Height, weight, mid-upper arm circumference MUAC measurements and bilateral oedema check-up, as well as the blood test, were done for each selected child following standardised protocols.

The characteristics of each locality determined the household sampling method used in a given locality. Instituto Nacional de Salud. Anthropometric results in conjunction with the ESAE analysis showed that causes of malnutrition in Bolivian Chaco are generally structural and only change when occasional dramatic events like severe droughts or floods occur, as occurred in the drought. SMART surveys measure acute malnutrition of the whole population via estimates of: However, we do not recommend standardising this practice due to waste management difficulties.


Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

But use of effective family planning remains low and the total fertility rate TFR —3. Related Materials Download the questionnaires, technical documents and reports that describe the survey process and the key results for this study.

Created on Feb 26, Last modified Jun 16, One way to reassure the population about this fear was to allow them to keep the microcuvettes used for their analysis.

The current population for each community was calculated applying the district population provision of INE National Statistics Institute based on the national census.

Infant Mortality Rate deaths under age 1 per 1, births. Cut off points for anaemia and the severity scale varies according to authors, age, pregnancy, countries and geographic altitude INS Crude mortality rate CMR in a given population over a specific period of time.

Water consumption, farming and livestock of more than 7, households were severely affected according to a UNETE evaluation report 3.

Over the same period, however, the incidence of diarrhea in the two weeks enssa the survey among children under age 5 edged up from 22 percent to 26 percent. Interactive tools Study website. This is not far below the 4.

The child nutritional situation after the drought seems to have returned to normal values, when compared with ENDSA and PMA 11 survey findings.

A special thanks goes to the families and children who participated in the survey and to all those who helped as guides or in providing essential information, without whose collaboration this survey would not have been possible.

Close Twitter Facebook Delicious E-mail. Some Health Indicators Improve Obliviaan estimated 50 of every 1, infants in Bolivia died before reaching their first birthday, just slightly lower than in Underweight, acute and chronic malnutrition prevalence and confidence intervals per department of Bolivian Chaco Region.


El cuestionario individual de hombres fue aplicado de manera completa a 6, hombres y comprende los siguientes temas: However, in some countries, lab officers or nurses may be required by the Ministry of Health.

[Bolivia National Demographic and Health Survey ENDSA ] |

With little increase in modern contraceptive use, it is not surprising that fertility declined only modestly between andfrom 3. There was also an increase in the percentage of mothers who received skilled medical care during childbirth.

These endsx shown in Table 2. Inan estimated 50 of every 1, infants in Bolivia died before reaching their first birthday, just slightly lower than in If you have any comments regarding this article, please contact: Even more striking is the heavy reliance on traditional family planning methods.

Integrating anaemia analysis in SMART surveys in Bolivia

The country has among the highest fertility and infant mortality rates and lowest average life expectancies in Latin America, and less than 10 percent of Bolivians living in rural areas have access to improved sanitation. Anaemia analysis is easily integrated into SMART surveys without an excessive increase of budget or resources required. The SMART Methodology golivia a basic, integrated method for assessing nutritional status and mortality rate in emergency situations.