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Description of a preferred but not exclusive embodiment of a device in accordance with the invention is now given hereinafter and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:. Advantageously, when the end portion 3 is inserted into the body 4the conductive element appears to be adjacent to the slide surface 9 rmc of the first resilient element 9 and out of the mentioned holding space A device as claimed in claim 34characterised in that each projecting portion 8 comprises at least one flat spring 8 a to be resiliently engaged in said opening 19 of the supporting element This is due to the fact that the conductive elements have sizes corresponding to the specific type of lamp.

In this manner when the lamp is inserted into the bore, the lamp is rotated around its longitudinal axis in such a manner that its end portions are disposed in correspondence with two electric contacts bayonet coupling. In fact, said screws 17 are disposed on the junction element 17 b and not directly on the hollow body 4 colpsio that there is no risk of damages to the hollow body made of ceramic material. Generally, each connection element has a substantially parallelepiped conformation with a square cross-section, in which four faces are defined at least one of which is arranged to be associated with a respective electric contact of the lamp holding device.

E M C COLOSIO SPA, OOIX7.E – UL Product Spec Canada

This passageway 15 a is placed at a central position and is adapted to enable passage of the electric cables A secured to contacts 7 for current distribution. Insertion of a non suitable lamp into the holding collsio gives rise to important drawbacks, such as burst of the lamp if it is overpowered because the operating features of the lamp are different from the expected ones.

With reference to the drawings, the lamp holding device in accordance with the invention has been generally denoted at 1.

Extending from the opposite side of the bulb is an end portion from which two electric-connection elements project the shape of which is adapted to enable association with respective electric contacts. Finally, another advantage resulting from the positioning of screws 17 consists in the reduced bulkiness of the whole device 1. Under Professional Accountants Ordinance Chapter 50only firms and corporate practices of certified public accountants practising registered at the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants the “Institute” or holders or a valid practising certificate issued by the Institute are lawfully qualified to provide auditing services within cokosio meaning of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Chapter Following a rotation of lamp 2 around its longitudinal axis, the conductive element is brought towards the first and second resilient elements 910 and abuts against the slide surfaces 9 a10 a thereof.

It is to be pointed out that advantageously the hooking means 16 can be associated with the device 1 also in the condition showing the hollow element 4 inserted into the housing space 15 of the supporting element A colosip as claimed in claim 16with a connection or base of the PGJ5 type.


An electrically insulating hollow body 49 is disposed within the housing space 15 and is set to receive an end portion 3 of a lamp 2. A device as claimed in claim 22characterised in that said second resilient counter-element 10 has a substantially laminar conformation and is provided with a slide surface dmc b contiguous to the respective contact surface 10 a ; said slide surface 10 b being set to abut onto the conductive element during movement of the second element 10 from the respective constraint position to the opened position to enable passage of the conductive element into the holding space Each resilient counter-element has a contact surface 9 a10 a adapted to abut onto a respective side wall of the conductive element.

E.M.C. Colosio S.p.A.

Lighting circuit, lighting system method and apparatus, socket assembly, lamp insulator assembly and components thereof. Extending opposite to the inner surface 14 a is an outer surface 14 b set to abut against hooking means 16 described in more detail in the following.

A device as claimed in claim 26wherein, when the lamp 2 is inserted into the through slot 5 and rotated around a longitudinal axis colosjo the lamp, said pair of conductive elements projecting from said end portion 3 of the lamp 2 are respectively disposed in correspondence with said pair cplosio electric contacts 7.

In more detail, the slot 5 consists of a central hole 5 a and two side portions 5 b disposed on opposite sides of the central hole 5 a and adapted to enable passage of the conductive elements of the end portion 3. A device as claimed in claim 21characterised in that each electric contact 7 further comprises an abutment element 11 facing the first resilient element 9 and having a respective surface 11 a parallel to the surface 9 a of the first resilient element 9 and adapted to abut onto a side wall of the conductive element; the first resilient counter-element 9 being active to push said conductive element into contact with said abutment element colosioo ; said first resilient counter-element 9second resilient counter-element 10 and abutment element 11 defining a holding space 13 for the respective conductive element.

Advantageously, the first resilient counter-element 9 extends transversely of the second resilient counter-element 10so that the respective surfaces 9 a10 a are disposed along respective planes perpendicular to each other. A lamp holding device comprising at least: In addition, by arranging two resilient counter-elements 910 at right angles to each other, the conductive element of the lamp keeps locked within the holding space The screws are fitted in respective through holes formed in the ceramic body and disposed on opposite sides of the lamp.

A device as claimed in claim 26wherein the through slot 5 has a substantially elongated shape in which two opposite ends are defined to enable passage of coosio conductive elements. Generally, the electric contacts consist of laminar portions made of a conductive material metal and are inserted into suitable spaces formed in the ceramic body on opposite sides of the passage bore for the lamp.


Dolosio fact the ceramic body, generally made of steatite, is very fragile. For the sake of clarity during the present specification, identified by the term lamp is a lamp exclusively having the above mentioned features. In addition, due the presence of a crack in the ceramic body no electric insulation exists between the energised parts and the screw.

As a result, the screws do not run the risk of being energised even in the event of possible breaking of the device. Furthermore, the supporting element 14 has a passageway oclosio a connecting space 15 with the outer surface 14 b.

To facilitate mounting operations of the device, the screws are inserted from the bulb portion of the lamp so as to arrange the respective head towards the outside of the ceramic body. Also in the described solution in which the electric contacts consist collosio a flat spring, an unintentional slight movement of the lamp can cause separation of the connection elements from the electric contacts, which will bring about lack of distribution of electric energy.

The hooking means 16 is further provided with a pair of screws 17 housed within respective cavities 18 made in the junction element 17 b. Ascendo Lighting was established in Sydney A device as claimed in claim 32characterised in that said hooking means 16 comprises at least two through cavities 18 formed in said junction element 17 b to house two screws 17 disposed with their heads 17 a turned towards the outer surface 14 b of the supporting element Advantageously, screws 17 enable mounting of the junction element 17 b to a respective frame or support denoted at B in FIGS.

As above said, the device 1 further has hooking means 16 to secure the supporting element 14 colosi a frame, a ceiling light or any other support. In this manner, when the lamp is inserted in the ceramic body, the lamp itself is rotated until respective faces of the two connection elements abut against the respective flat surfaces of the electric contacts. In more detail, it is an aim of the present invention to make the holding device only adapted emx coupling with lamps having given operating features.

Each electric contact is connected to a power cord by means of a suitable welding, and has a conveniently shaped flat surface to get in contact with a respective face of a connection element.

Whether your lighting needs require a custom build or off-the-shelf solutions, we provide the best of both worlds. Lamp holders, generally made of an electrically insulating material, further allow assembling of same to bodies of lighting apparatus of different kinds constituting spotlights or floodlights, for example. Year of fee payment: Subsequently, the hollow body 4 is inserted into the above described supporting element Coloaio hollow body 4 has a pair of electric contacts 7 each of which can be associated with a respective conductive element projecting from the end portion 3 of the lamp 2.