American DJ® Los Angeles, CA -DMX OPERATOR User Manual page 5 American DJ® Los Angeles, CA -DMX OPERATOR User Manual page. The Scene Setter is a Dimming Console for controlling your DMX light entertainment system. With inputs for audio, fog machine and a built in microphone you. ELATION. PROFESSIONAL. SCENE SETTER. TI. 24 CH Dimmer Console. SCENE SETTER 48 recordable progams. – Fog Machine trigger Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, asthey give important information.

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Scene Setter 48

I am guessing that somewhere along the way the code to enter record got changes from the usual 1 6 6 8, elatkon so far no one seems to know of any way to force a reset. Packaging material plastic bags, polystyrene foam, nails, etc.

It has 6 big buttons, each of which plays a. To return to normal mode, tap the Audio button a second time causing its LED goes out, the Audio mode is disengaged.

We hope that you will find that your lighting needs are met. Erase a Program 1.

Use of Tap Sync in setting a standard beat is the same with speed control slider. They also are used for programming.

ADJ Scene Setter 48 Channel Dimming Console – MIDI Functions & DMX Dimming Control

Repairs by unqualified people could cause damage or faulty operation. Tap the Rec Exit button while pressing and holding down the Record button, release the two buttons at a time, 4 Record mode is disengaged.


Blind and Home 1. All programs will run in sequential order starting in the order of program number. In the contents More information. You can run more programs in Single Mode or Mix Mode simultaneously 1.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of BOSS More information. Preset B LEDs 5.

Adjust your fixtures in either percentage or DMX value to get the dimming effect desired. These buttons are used to bring manuual individual channel, to full intensity. A yellow LED will indicate this selection. Now you may move the Speed Slider to select your desired speed. It has 6 big buttons, each of which plays a More information.

Tap the Rec Exit button while pressing and holding down sether Record button to exit Edit mode Getting in to record mode takes a couple steps involving record button and a combination of bump buttons passcoded. Tap the Insert button to insert the step you’ve created before, all LEDs will flash, indicating the step is inserted.

The following pages document the operational changes made in Switch Dr. DC 1-V, 5 ma Min. You may read the step from the Segment Display. In Kill mode, pressing any Flash button will kill any other scenes or programs.

Tap the Flash button 5 or 1 three times while holding down the Record button. We hope that you will find that your lighting needs are met More information.


NEVER use the unit under the following conditions: All programs will be controlled by the same Speed Slider.

Scene Setter-48

Once the scene is satisfactory, tap the Record button to program the scene as a step into the memory. Sorry, Sharyn, I’m not any more in-the-know on this one than you are. To finish patching and. To find a reading service in your area, please go to. Tap the Insert button to insert the scene you’ve created before. Fog Machine Connector This switch controls turning on or off of the power.

Press setted hold the Shift Button.

DO NOT open the unit–there are no user serviceable parts inside. Insert is to add one step or steps into a scene. All LED will flash indicating the scenes have scee programmed into memory. Overview Front View 3 1. Enter the Edit mode. Safety instructions This device More information.

Safety Information More information. Used to select DMX polarity. Press and hold down the Rec One Button, then press down the Flash Button corresponding to your desired program and release together.

I see reconde enable on page 7 and security. Rec Exit is used to exit from Program or Edit mode.