Rudras are forms and followers of the god Rudra-Shiva and make eleven of the Thirty-three gods in the Hindu pantheon. They are at times identified with the. ekadasarudra, ekadasa rudra, 11rudras, Shiva, Siva, Rudra, rudram, However the 11 Rudras worshipped in the Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja is the most. These are the 11 forms of Rudra and their mantras. These mantras are very very effective when chanted during the stationary (Stambha) period.

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Clad in rain, they spread rain, pushing away storm.

All four faces with the exception of the north face Vamadeva two eyed should be three —eyed. I am not sure I have been of much help to you. The male form then split itself into eleven, forming the eleven Rudras. Pray therefore to the Rudras for protection and ruudra and to alleviate our troubles. Rudra the howler or the red one is the cause rudar tears, because: Could you please give me info – texts, descriptions or images – of 11 forms of Rudra? They dwell in the North. There are a variety of stories.

Shiva, in Rig Veda, is not the name of any god. Shatarudriya hymns celebrates Rudra in his eleven forms as: SK Ramachandra Rao http: The lower right hand gestures protection abhaya and the left bestowing the boon varada. They are immanent within us.


Rudras as a group.

Ekadasa Rudra (11 Rudra Avatars)

His crest is adorned by crescent moon. There are other peculiar and complicated patterns of the recitation of Rudra-Prashna and the Chamakam. Agni Purana Ch He is clad in tiger skin and rufra decorated with snake ornaments. They carry in their upper hands battle axes parashu in one and black antelope krshna mriga in the other. Legends of Rudra Yebhih Shivah svavam yevayabhihi Thank you for asking. Shiva, in Rig Veda, is not the name of any god.

Rudra in the Rig-Veda Samhita is a highly complex divine character 5. He is requested not to afflict children, men and cattle with disease RV 7. They are considered as attendants of Shiva in later mythology. But, each of them represents a certain aspect of Shiva or Rudra. Father of the Maruts.

One has therefore, by sheer necessity, to be very selective. They are to be shown as fair complexioned; draped in white garments.

On the crest of the matted locks of the north face should be rura crescent moon, and on top of it should be the fifth face. Rudra is the intermediary between physical elements and the intellect.

They are considered as friends, messengers and aspects of Rudra. For example; the hymn 2. In his left hands a citron, a bow, a mirror, a water-pot and skin roll.

For that purposeyou might take the aid of books like Siva Kosa two volumes and Indian Iconography three volumes authored by Prof SK Ramachandra Rao ; or similar other booksto explore the subject.


The following are some instances. He has deep red complexion.

But i can not find any additional information about dwarapals in google: Rudras are forms and followers of the god Rudra – Shiva and make eleven of the Thirty-three gods in the Hindu pantheon. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat The entire square is divided in to 16 small squares and 64 triangles. That is Rudram 11 times and Chamakam once: Rudra is thus a deity of the intermediate stage. Rudra is also regarded as the best physician – bhishaja shiromani-Vaidyanatha RV 2.

The Rudras Eleven | Sulekha Creative

They are fearful in nature. They are typically envisioned as huge and robust male warriors, framing the sanctum doorways; and to flank the entrances to the temple complex.

The Iconographic details of the Rudras as provided in the various texts are not uniform. They are the protectors of the beings and the created world; the decay and destruction sets in when they refuse to support. They have yellow throats, hold tridents and skulls and have the crescent moon on their foreheads.

He prays to Rudra: Search Member Search Keyword.