What are meaning of DTS-i, DTS-Si, DTS-Fi & DTS-i Triple Spark? meaning of DTS-i engine. DTS-i Engine can be further tuned to deliver exhilarating performance as in DTS- FI or exceptional mileage like in DTS-SI as claimed by Bajaj. The DTS-Si technology came in the XCD in and currently Like the DTS-i engine, the DTS-Si engine also has 2 Spark Plugs, the.

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Three spark plugs provide unprecedented performance and efficiency — Fast and optimal combustion at part load conditions results in better fuel efficiency and ensures lower emissions. DTS-Si Engine – Like DTS-i the dtsssi has 2 spark plugs, but, instead of conventionally positioned straight ports, the offset positioning of the ports generate high swirl and turbulence of the air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Maxxis Tyres eyes big gains in 2Ws, speedily grows dealer network.


Theme designed by TemplatePanic: This enhances the fuel efficiency of the engine even further. Monday, March 16, Leave a Comment. It processes information sent by various sensors and instantly rngine optimum fueling and spark timing for various engine operating conditions. Bajaj however have patented the technology for small capacity engines.

Bajaj enjoys a market share of 47 percent in the growing and profitable cc and cc segments, as against a smaller share of 24 percent in the declining but larger cc segment.

The benefits of this efficient combustion process can be felt in terms of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. In fuel injection the conventional carburetor has been replaced by injector which injects fuel in to the engine in a spray form based on the instructions of the Engine Control Unit ECU which is a part of the Engine Etssi System EMS.


This offset position creates turbulence of the air-fuel mixture inside the engine. The intake valve then closes and the following stroke compression compresses the fuel-air mixture.

May 10, at 2: TVS countered by threatening to sue Bajaj Auto for libel. Thanks a lot F.

Increased power output for same cc. The technology involves use of a small chamber connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine to modify the back-pressure and the swirl characteristics, with an aim to improve the low-end performance of the bikes.

Bajaj Auto launches DTS-Si engine

Subscribe To Posts Atom. The high performance triple spark engine controlled by an advanced Electronic Control Unit, is the technology of the future. I am a Malayali January 20, at 1: Though it seems excellent explanation, there is no clarity given on turbulence flow I want to give life for this article by publishing this article Source Bajaj Auto Motorcycle engine wikipedia.

This enhanced performance is claimed to come at no loss of top-end performance or engine smoothness. The ExhausTEC technology is claimed to be highly effective in improving the overall engine response, especially the low-end torque characteristics.

While purchasing 2 Wheeler you must know the technology used in enging. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content. Subscribe via e-mail Enter your email address: This technology comes in Pulsar cc version. It processes information sent by various sensors and instantly determines optimum fuelling and spark timing for various engine operating conditions.


DTS Si: How Digital Twin Spark-Swirl induction System Works? Read This…

The DTS-i technology ftssi better performance, improved fuel efficiency with lower emissions and helped establish the Bajaj Pulsar and then the Bajaj Discover as leaders in their respective segments. This is Autocar Professional’s biggest issue of the year — and the biggest-ever edition too — at Improved cold start, quick warm-up and excellent response to sudden acceleration.

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August 31, at 1: The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. Copy cats for my blogs Maruti scores hattrick in J. July 22, at 1: Is it a real technological breakthrough or just some techno-jargon used for marketing? Comparison between conventional 4-stoke engine and DTS-i engine. How to Format and Install Windows-xp?

TVS countered by threatening to sue Bajaj Auto for libel. This was attempted in response to the issue of a reported lack of low-end response in Bajaj’s single-cylinder four-stroke engines. Real Estate,visits, products, services, websites and various other topics. Lets first take engibe look at how a 4 stroke engine works.

Berlangganan Ke Posts Atom. This results in highly efficient combustion that further results in exceptional mileage. The intake valve then closes and the following stroke compression compresses the fuel-air mixture. Newer Post Older Post Home.