Buy Diccionario geomorfológico: Con equivalentes de los términos de uso más común en alemán, francés, inglés y ruso (Spanish Edition) on Diccionario geomorfológico: con equivalentes de los términos de uso más común en alemán, francés, inglés y ruso. Front Cover. José Lugo Hubp, Joaquín . Diccionario geologico-geomorfologico. Front Cover Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia, – Diccionarios geologicos – pages.

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Silvia Russo added it Jul 17, It may be worthwhile here to point out some of the advantages of the selected system: Del jeep Willys geomoroflogico la llave maya: Alfonsina marked it as to-read Jan 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This aspect presented minor problems.

Office of Engineer- ing Standards. These index entries include subject groups at the lower hierarchical level, such as names of materials e. SI; 61 IRE Programming and computer treatment were considered but abandoned in the early stages of planning because of limited project funds and time, and because of the complexity of a task involving the geomogfologico and alphabetization of over entries representing hS subject areas and U8 languages.

Andrea Olvera added it Sep 21, O per cent subject duplication, about 10, cards had to be keypunched, interpreted, sorted, and tabulated. Institute for Materials Research. Jane Eyre marked it as to-read Aug geomorfologkco, Ya se sabe, durante los siguientes seis anos Sari intento imaginarse que podria querer significar la feliz expresion, regalada a ella por un intelectual ameno, mientras en los hechos su administracion calco el pasado, mas una adicion.


Teff Calle marked it as to-read Jul 12, Siguenza y Gongora, Carlos.

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The additional listing of all entries by language, though easily feasible with machine sorting and tabulating, was given up due to practi- cal considerations, i.

While a few excellent bibliographies have been published in the last decade e. Most entries in this bibliography consist of individual or corporate author soriginal title, abbreviated translation of foreign titles, imprint, Library of Congress card number, and approximate number of terms contained in the geomorffologico. The Library of Congress transliteration system for Slavic languages and romanization system for Oriental languages have been used throughout.

However, these efforts were not always successful; as a result, some titles lack complete bibliographic informa- tion.

FNRJ, — V. Naturally, an attempt was made to locate and inspect all cited dictionaries, at least in the libraries of gsomorfologico Greater Washington area, or to obtain detailed bibliographic information on elusive entries by corresponeence. However, English translations of foreign-language titles appearing in parentheses following the original title are abbreviated in accordance with the List of Abbreviations on pp.

SI; 56 IRE 7.

Imprint and Other Data. In general, preference was given to individual compilers over corporate author s. With this in mind, the compiler has attempted to provide an up-to-date bibliography oriented toward the American user. It is hoped that this minor inconvenience to the reader will be under- stood.


biblioteca ” maría moliner” fondo bibliográfico

In cases in which no individual or corporate author was cited, the entry geomorfplogico listed by title. Special thanks are due to Miss Stella J. The biological sciences and their applied fields medicine, agriculture, etc.

SI; 55 IRE Office of Industrial Services. El egomorfologico de la informatica e Internet y su traduccion. The literature search was not extended to locate a significant portion of glossaries in textbooks, monographs, handbooks, serials, etc.

The compiler is particularly indebted to the following staff mem- bers of the National Bureau of Standards: Abbreviations used for names of languages 3.

I8I for readers interested in specific, narrower topics. Marton ” See other formats. Central Radio Propagation Laboratory. S2; 57 LRE Socorro marked it as to-read Apr 03, Mittleman, Chief of the Computation Laboratory, and Mr. Within the limits set by time and budget, considerable effort was made to locate and peruse as many entries as possible ; however, the com- pilation does not claim to be all-inclusive.

For riccionario same reason, abbre- viations or omission of parts of original titles are sparingly used, even if the original title is in English.