GUIA RAPIDA DIALISIS PERITONEAL AUTOMATIZADA – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Características, complicaciones y resultados clínicos de los pacientes tratados con diálisis peritoneal automatizada en la unidad de diálisis peritoneal del.

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Chronic long-term PD is associated with progressive loss of ultrafiltration capacity and integrity of the peritoneal membrane. Am J Kidney disease; ; It is recommended that more peritoneal dialysis centres be set up, both home and centre-based, as first line modality of renal replacement therapy.

Dialisis peritoneal automatizada Pisa

It therefore is not surprising that they also accounted for the higher mortality seen in the study. Therefore, the reason for this is still unclear. Peritoneal dialysis offers significant advantage of better residual renal function RRF when compared with haemodialysis. The causes of ESRD were no different from other studies as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and chronic glomerulonephritis were the leading causes 1, 3, 8, Peritoneal dialysis has been documented in various studies to be a cheaper modality of renal replacement therapy when compared with haemodialysis.

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The hospital authority in Hong Kong reimburses only patients for PD. Effects of increased peritoneal clearances on mortality rates in peritoneal dialysis: Metabolic syndrome in peritoneal dialysis patients. Peritoneal dialysis is one of the effective means of renal replacement therapy and can be home-based or centre-based but this study was based at an in-hospital centre.

High RRF trans late to less mortality in dialysis patients. There is new evidence 15, 16 which suggests that the constant high load of glucose in PD patients may predispose to impaired glucose tolerance, diaoisis mellitus and even metabolic syndrome.


De los fallecidos por sepsis, Perhaps this reflects the fact that PD is a better choice in paediatric and adolescent population combined with the fact that patients with persistent posterior urethral valves will present earlier in life with CKD.

Anaemia is a common automarizada of ESRD 1, 6, 7, 8.

En marcha un novedoso sistema de diálisis domiciliaria con monitorización remota de los pacientes

However, death could not be ascribed to peritonitis in these four patients. Females accounted for St Catherine and Clarendon accounted for Forty-one per cent ofpatients were transferred to haemodialysis mainly on account ofinadequate dialysis clearance.

In fact, the Asian Round Table on dialysis economics has agreed to look into ways to increase dixlisis utilization of PD in order to improve the clinical and financial management of patients with ESRD. Although further breakdown showed that pneumonia The ages of the studied PD patients ranged between 33 and 65 years.

J Am Soc Nephrol ; Cardiac-related causes accounted for Persis tent posterior urethral valves are found to be quite a significant cause of ESRD compared to the causes found in patients on chronic haemodialysis 1. Retrospective data were collected from peritoneal dialysis patients’ case files retrieved from the medical records department of UHWI. A sub-analysis of the mean haemoglobin among the different cause of ESRD would reflect this and possibly shed some light on the observed trend.

Early recognition and appropriate management of sepsis in peritoneal dialysis patients should be initially based on standard protocol. Of those who died due perioneal sepsis Fig.


Parameters recorded for study included demographic data age, gender, address, marital statusyear of dialysis commencement, cause of ESRD, haemoglobin, serum ureaserum creatinineserum calcium, serum phosphate, HIV and hepatitis serology.

The major causes of ESRD found in this population were hypertension, automatizzda mellitus and chronic glomerulonephritis Fig.

Patients had to purchase erythropoietin out of their own resources. Impact doalisis CPD on treatment of renal failure in patients aged over 60 years. However, this can be attributed to the general low usage of erythropoietin as demonstrated in this study.

This will ultimately guide clinical decision and prescription management. Characteristics, complications and outcome of patients treated with dializis peritoneal dialysis at the peritoneal dialysis unit, University Hospital of the West Indies. The PD first concept as practised in Hong Kong should be examined in this region.

Peritoneal equlibration test is used to characterize the peri toneal membrane function and dilaisis select the most appropriate technique for the patient. Normalization of hemoglobin level in patients with dislisis kidney disease and anemia. Data on were analysed. A significant majority of the patients rely on packed red cell transfusion to maintain their haemoglobin as well as to relieve symptoms of anaemia.

Most patients were from Kingston and St Andrew BMJ7 January; Quality of life over time in dialysis: