In the prologue to Gaelen Foley’s latest novel, Devil Takes A Bride, we see a woman flying for her life. Her pursuers are members of a. Celebrated storyteller Gaelen Foley brings her craft to new heights with Devil Takes a Bride, the seductive tale of a man bent on revenge and the beauty. Devil Takes A Bride is the latest installment in the Knight family saga by Gaelen Foley. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one.

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Devil Takes a Bride has just about everything I could ask for in a book. And he is upset that she, a governess, felt the need to insert herself in his business. That is actually a very admirable quality. She has taken a position with the hero’s aunt. The secondary cast gaelem equally as well-developed as Dev and Lizzie.

As is the case in the series they get hot Lizzie is heartbroken in the previous book when her childhood crush Alec decides to become a gigolo to a rich woman to pay off his gambling debts. Gaelen Foley is most definitely doing it right.

A scene ddevil stood out was thoroughly ridiculous ‘bride abduction’ mini chapter thing!!!!!


Although a longer book at pages, Gaelen Fley did a superb job of combining the mystery part of the story with the growing relationship between Dev and Lizzie and I was riveted til the final page.

Where do I even begin?

Revenge stories are too fun and have far more potentialand I was put off by Devlin’s succumbing, anguishing characterization at the takws end after Lizzie inexplicably leaves him when it seemed like she reached an understanding of his tortured soul.

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Alex was a grade A piece of shit who i actually wanted to feed to the dogs Behold, Alec: However, this rakehell outward appearance is a show as he endeavors to earn the trust and confidence of the Horse and Chariot Club, whose members he suspects for the responsibility of the fire which killed his parents.

A Pennsylvania native, Gaelen brife a B.

Looking for More Great Reads? Devlin, who previously could barely say the word ‘Love’ is now saying it roley so much speed that one wonders how Lizzie didn’t get whiplash.

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Devil Takes a Bride — book review

I thought Devlin should have forced her to marry him like he had originally planned. The night before Devlin leaves to return to London, Augusta changes her will, amending a provision dealing with Devlin’s inheritance. It seems that it has not yet captured my interest. Overall, the romance was heart-felt, the plotting not bad, the settings vivid.

His masquerade is funded by his beloved and wealthy Aunt Augusta, the Dowager Viscountess. Now, he has no choice. That is the one thing I noticed with this author.

They are both with mild temperaments, calm and beneath their facades, just nice people, and I just shipped them so hard. On the third day at the mausoleum, some divine inspiration comes to Devlin, and he arranges for justice even though he knows the men he’s going after are titled members of Society, easily able to bribe the constabulary and deflect the law; after all, they did suppress evidence of the fire 12 years ago, didn’t they?


The warmth of his breath tickled her earlobe. I adored Aunt Augusta, a bit of a bluestocking in her own right, who was tough-minded enough to have made her way in life quite nicely after the death of her husband, and yet still thought the sun rose and shone with her much-favored nephew, Devlin. Alec’s thoughtlessness had nearly jaded her completely toward men, and the determined bluestocking had decided to make it on her own for the rest of her life, until Dev came along to stir up her emotions again.

Aug 27, Joanna Loves Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: The heroine, Lizzie, I liked her quite a bit, she was a bluestocking the horror! The table was richly laid, the dining room a setting of luxurious elegance for the unspoken interplay between the two of them.

Love reading back-to-back 5-star reads! Knight Miscellany 7 books. I cannot tell you how utterly refreshing this is, and it made me respect both the characters and the author a whole lot more. I liked the way how many people are involved; that in a way you will not be bored about the story.

The romance was heart-felt and the characterizations of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Carlisle and Devlin “Devil” Kimball, the Lord Strathmore, convincing; thankfully, Devil Strathmore isn’t too pining, a characteristic we find all too often in our historical romances.