Buy Daystate X from The Sportsman Gun Centre. Free delivery on orders over £ and no-hassle returns on at Europe’s biggest and. Daystate X Seal Kit: Daystate X Seal Kit.. Complete O Ring Seal Kit Contains 12 Seals. The latest mechanical actions from Daystate now incorporate Steve year at Basingstoke using a Daystate X2 model – their slightly more basic.

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When I tested the very first Merlyn – a rather tasty laminate clad special edition – back in Decemberit was obvious that Daystate had created something rather special. That mouth-watering woodwork alone was set to turn a few heads, with its stunning figuring, a feature of the manufacturing process – i.

My test rifle here is the updated action, set into the walnut thumbhole woodwork. The test Merlyn is visually near identical to an electronic MK4 model, with the more refined trigger blade on the Merlyn being the main distinguishing feature to tell them apart. As requested, Daystate had kindly included one of their brand new Reflex silencers, which is simplicity itself to screw daystaate place at the muzzle.

What makes this accessory unusual and inventiveis the fact that the thread lies internally, half way inside the body tube. With the barrel taking up internal space, the remaining capacity is obviously put to good use, with a baffle system concealed within ddaystate carbon fibre body.


Daystate – X2 n/a for sale

Their rifles are supplied with a smart single dasytate tray and a ten shot magazine, and each work equally well, just requiring a nudge home, into the slot at the breech, once the bolt is withdrawn. A manual safety catch sits to the rear on a rocker switch, whilst the two-stage adjustable trigger is one of the best of the non-match units on the market. From the prescribed bar fill stamped into the actionmy chrono recorded a string of over shots before velocities began to tail off markedly; and with an overall variation of 26fps throughout, the figures speak volumes for the Harper designed valving.

Remember that no regulator is fitted to this rifle, unlike the original Merlyn, so this daystatw of shots dayystate exceptional to say the least.

Daystate X2 .177

daystaet The stock configuration is just about faultless in my book, with that deep box section just forward of the trigger, particularly useful when supporting standing shots. A full thumb shelf, or thumbhole… shoulder-hugging butt pad… finger grooves to the fore-end… and so the list goes on.

Indeed Rachel Waite proved a point, taking a national Hunter Field Target round this year at Basingstoke using daystatd Daystate X2 model – their slightly more basic predecessor to this Merlyn, clearing the course with 60ex60… and not a solenoid to be seen.


Accuracy was effortless, and with quarter inch groups recorded over 35yds centre-to-centre using Daysate FT Select pellets, this Merlyn is clearly up there with the very best.

daystate x2 sports. – Airgunners – Pigeon Watch Forums

Shooters who prefer the mechanical approach as opposed to the electronically managed rifles, will have the Huntsman and Air Ranger models offered to them. The stock on this Merlyn is just superb, and arguably the best factory woodwork currently on the market.

To confine it solely to the electronic models is a shame indeed, and I for one shall be writing to my MP! In the meantime, Daystate have a limited number of this excellent Merlyn model available, so if you are in the market for a top class sporting rifle to use in a variety of disciplines, this legendary gun represents a sound investment — but daystare in fast.

Buying a Gun or Accessory, Choose from ‘s of items for sale Login Sign Up subscribe. Super Efficient My test rifle here is the updated action, set into the walnut thumbhole woodwork.

Action and Woodwork story continues below Thumbhole Sporter in walnut Velocity: Average fps using Daystate FT 4.