Concentration. Mouni Sadhu. 3. PREFACE. This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration. Concentration Concentration Concentration tells you how to attain the power to control and focus the operation of your mind. In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the. Title, Concentration Mandala Books. Author, Mouni Sadhu. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Mandala Books, Original from, the University of California. Digitized.

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Usually, we have no remembrance of any kind of our experiences in Sushupti. There does, however, exist in the higher degrees of the occult rather than spiritual wisdom concnetration means which can apparently dispose of even incurable diseases. Now the answer to the question expressed in the title of this chapter- ‘Who is Qualified. But concentration in itself is proof of a more developed one. So why continue to aadhu now something concejtration you know to be an obstacle that must be removed before success can come?

These studies are also not for them because without a sense of subtle things, the result will be void. One cold night I had a horrible dream in which I was trapped by a mountain landslide with great masses of earth pressing on my chest and suffocating me. Their practices were very different from those of the average faithful Christian.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

Moreover, this exorcism is an impersonal one, which greatly enhances its ethical power, since it leaves the Almighty Himself to deal with offenders and aggressors. If well understood, the light of such a revelation may easily enlighten the darkest comers of our still unknown and undiscovered inner being.

If you are able to analyse your thinking processes, a sincere answer will always be in the negative. Mouni Sadhu settled in Melbourne the remainder of his life.

Concentration a Guide to Mental Mastery: M. Sadhu: : Books

The heart of one capable of feeling it is always nobler than that of those who are considerably more mentally developed, but who lack this vital quality. His life is spent on using and accepting something which originates beyond his reach and understanding. In some occult schools, especially those of Tibet, there is much importance attached to this exercise.


Can you affirm with utter certainty that you are always thinking when and only about what you really want to, and that therefore you know from where your thoughts and feelings are coming into the light of your consciousness?

I am referring to the cures and other super-physical activities of those few ‘friends of God’ as Paul Sedir so beautifully styled them. Among the many I would like to mention only a few examples: It is God who should be praised and worshipped, not His servants.

Thomas D rated it really liked it Jul 22, This is what Mouni Sadhu talks about and what we are attempting to do. Fortunately, even for such malicious deeds a considerable degree of the same ability of concentration is always needed. But not even the smallest detail should be omitted from the exercises, because the success of the endeavour depends upon the exactness of their application. The particular ways in which an Eastern seeker applies his power of concentration do not matter as far as this study is concerned.

From the start we hear little about feelings and emotions apart from constant admonitions, that both must be dominated and removed from the field of consciousness of a Raja-yogi.

Why some thoughts come to him, no matter concenrration or not he ‘invited them? He is quite satisfied with the mere fact itself and nothing else is of any interest.

Imagine now that some part of your body refuses to obey the impulses issued from the control centre of your brain. Although sadh can be angry with yourself, that really accomplishes nothing. As a young man in Europe, from to[35] Mouni Sadhu belonged to an order of Rosicrucian Hermetists and published a number of articles on Tarot Hermetic philosophy as well as spirituality.

No eBook available Sadnu. Contents Foreword and Definitions. Aug 06, Dmitriy Khaver rated it it was amazing. Therefore such people would do better if they abandoned their ambitions to become stronger in this way, because it is not appropriate for them.

He saw and foresaw the dangers, misunderstandings and problems associated with this, and one can see too a rationale and a desire for clarity, wisdom, service and advice to pupils of his works in his writing about esoteric matters. Which of them do you accept and invite, and which do you reject and repel?

There must also be a firm decision in these matters, for, once disappointed, the student does not easily return, if ever, to the same studies.


In the lives of the Concenrration saints and yogis there have not been many similar examples of this kind of service and help given to those round them. It would not be much use trying to perform them as if they were an annoying and unpleasant task. It would be ridiculous and is not at all my idea. This is very important, as every change gives rise to some fluctuations within the mind, and this should be avoided as far as possible.

It will be well, if you accept even in theory—what is a fact for many of us—that the mind is inimical to every effort on the part of man to subdue it. As duality is only an illusion, so all such siddhis invariably belong to the realm of illusion.

The effort to master concentration is a long-distance journey.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery by Mouni Sadhu

But as we operate with the power of mind and you should certainly have no doubts that it is a kind of powerwe are entitled to know how to define it, according to its actual functions. So somewhere deep inside us there must be something which whispers about the idea of such an apparently abstruse study.

I am only God’s servant, a man like ocncentration. Sit facing the glass with your chin cupped in your palms, elbows supporting them and resting concenrtation top of a table. But they can only guess and not arrive at any definite findings on the causes of the phenomena. In the chronicles diaries and biographies of exceptionally advanced human Concentration The Role of Concen tration in a Spiritual Search beings, we usually find that an utterly different kind of prayer was used by these great saints of both the East and West.

Preview — Concentration by Mouni Sadhu. This has been done deliberately in order to help the earnest student to first lay a solid saduu for his work and to understand why, how and under which conditions he may study concentration and what can be expected from it.