Cold Steel – John Styers – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. BOWIES COLDSTEEL. by John Styers America’s deadliest knife-fighting tradition adds a new weapon to the arsenal of the Marine Corps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Every man. COLD STEEL by JOHN STYERS Text prepared by Karl Schuon Photographs by Louis Lowery Foreword A sudden realization of the thorough preparation for.

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Later when you understand this natural action, you may add additional wrist action to supplement the natural whip. The proper level to obtain maximum results will be approximately eight inches below the belt stedl. Refresh and try again. Merely move your thumb over to the handle and press. Notice how easily you are able to advance and withdraw -forward and backward.

This should give you incentive and confidence. It is the conviction of the writer that the Bowie-shaped blade was scientifically designed by James Bowie for the control of this natural whip. The horizontal thrusting cut.

You have used your hands all of your life, and that muscle on the edge of the hand is tough. I have seen these photos published before although the name of the book is escaping me.

Cold Steel by John Styers

In knife fighting you have a lightning-fast blade but there styerw little protection for the hand. Try for cuts on enemy’s head or face The finish of your horizontal thrusting cut.

It seems practical, and effective when viewed with common sense by someone who’s never done it. From the syters, your opponent should see only the blur of a point on the extended arm, and the sudden disappearance of the broadside view of your upper body; in its place, your enemy will find only the thin silhouette of the NARROWEST portion of the torso.

You whip up your knife; you leap into the guard position.

Hock Hochheim’s Combat Talk Forum

Draw it back to yourself and smash it straight to his nose, teeth or throat. World War II taught Americans cpld vast scope of atrocity; it would be criminal negligence to close our eyes to the bloody mayhem American military men will meet in the field.

Simply explained – later. If his back is at any time available to you, leap upon it – apply the double-arm strangle hold, wrapping the jon around his waist in a scissors hold. Home Help Search Login Register. A man should come out of a bayonet engagement with blood on his blade, and his rifle in perfect condition. There was no need for in-fighting. Whip the stick across front of enemy’s throat Cross your right arm with your left and grasp the stick with your left hand.


The foregoing instructions should give you consistent results within the first five minutes of practice, provided of course, that you are throwing from ojhn correct distance. Now take your index finger and attempt to move his blade. Smash down on his shin bone or shatter his instep if he is standing.

Your choice of attack will depend upon the situation. Knife fighting is an ugly business; cood means steel against steel; then steel against flesh – and death. Release your left hand from the proper port arms hold and regrasp the piece on the upper hand guard, immediately above the upper sling swivel.

As long as other nations war against each other in lust, greed and ambition, brutality will persist and the brutal words on these pages will have a purpose. It should make you capable of launching the most eKective attack to meet the existing situation. The wheel back up cld the opponent’s jaw is accomplished by a vigorous body pivot, adding power and velocity to the blow At completion stefl a left elbow back-smash, your right fist is in position to deliver a solid hook into the groin or solar plexis If this attack lands successfully and xteel enemy goes down – and he is still moving – prepare to finish him off by planting well placed toe kicks or heel stomps into the following targets: When the back of his head is available, smash the edge of the fist or the open edge of the hand across the BASE of the skull.

If your opponent tries an upswinging blow, direct your bar straight for his wrist or forearm. Well, here are the practical principles based on the sstyers of professional knife throwing: The fascinating desire to throw a pointed knife across a styrs and make it stick in a solid surface is a natural inclination, but this urge was always stimulated by the glamourous knife throwing act: Movement can be accomplished either without a beat or after a beat.

From now on, wherever he goes, you go! If you throw according to these instructions you will gain consistent accuracy, your blade entering the target perfectly each time, and you will be controlling the handle well at short range.


The point is your bullet. The closing of the Palace had been a symbol, it had meant the end of one night codl and split-weeks in the provinces; it had meant that a lot of little boys wouldn’t go to bed nights, dreaming about a new ambition – to become knife throwers. Following your cut, drop into a position for a short jab.

Cold Steel

Faux leather in dust jacket. When learning the full extended cut, which is a result of the unfulfilled thrust, there will be a marked tendency to assist the action with wrist movement. If your opponent is armed with a knife, you will find this foot attack one of the safest and most effective ways of keeping him away from you; if lie attempts a cut on your leg, you simply chop his head with a backhand smash.

The blade faces outboard. There will be little opportunity for your opponent to grab your leg. If your hand is too close to opponent’s knife for a thrusting cut, try for a sabre cut – a full, snapping chop at knife hand TECHNIQUE Technique jogn the ability to combine basic principles with their best possible application to make the most skillful and formidable attacks against an opponent.

Colld left arm whips back, adding power and velocity to blow Slash with the long end of your stick in the same manner in which a sabre is used, striking at enemy’s joints and muscles The stick is readily converted to the bar position by flicking long end over to the other hand with a simple wrist movement When you assume this position with your bar, you are in an effective non-aggressive stance, but bar is ready for action To strike for an exposed target on the opponent’s right side, release the grip of your left hand and strike with your right To strike bh a target on the opponent’s left side, release the right hand and smash across, holding your stick with the left To attack an enemy from the rear, form ztyers with the stick and your arm.