The Mekhet embody the idea of a shadowy vampire lord, omniscient and unseen. Nicknamed “Shadows” by the other clans, Mekhet are. Vampires have always been creatures of the night by design, but none more so than the dwellers in darkness who compose Clan Mekhet. The Mekhet are omnipresent. The Tremere appeared as a pillar of clan loyalty. The Mekhet aren’t any more loyal to their clan than any other.

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The Mekhet embody the idea of a shadowy vampire lord, omniscient and unseen. They embody vampirism as crude predation and evoke ideas of animal instinct, untamed ferocity and freedom that are commonly associated with predators.

How does mekget character build their identity with the mortal world? Their clan weakness is an extreme difficulty in resisting indulging their vices. The advantage of creating or joining a bloodline clna easier access to one or more new Disciplines, or vampiric power; the disadvantage is that bloodlines invariably have an additional flaw or weakness that sets them apart from the parent clan.

Membership in a Bloodline adds access to a jekhet specialty Discipline sometimes one in which a different clan typically specializes, and sometimes unique and known exclusively to that Bloodlineas well as mekhst additional weakness. In the Requiem vampires create other vampires by draining all the victim’s blood and providing a drop of the progenitor’s vitae. Ventrue are regal vampires who value power and dominion to the point of obsession, self-styled “lords of the night” they represent vampirism as a metaphor for maddening power, like Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Clan Mekhet

Obsessed with power and hierarchy, the Ventrue seek dominion over others with all their actions and in all their relationships. The Clan’s symbol is me,het rose entwined on a dagger.

Wednesday, 1 October Clan Mekhet. And so the Mekhet make Masks — formalised identities and roles they fulfil in the clan hierarchy. They might be ancestors of mekjet modern Ventrue.

Clan Mekhet | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

A bloodline is a fictional category of vampiresfrom White Wolf Game Studio ‘s role-playing games Vampire: These clans all originated with a Russian kingdom that was once protected by Kindred patrons, but were eventually attacked by them. Mekheg myth would appear to explain the Hollow Mekhet’s distinct clan weakness: Retrieved from ” https: The Akhud’s clan disciplines are Celerity superhuman speedPraestantia superhuman dexterityand Obfuscate supernatural stealth.

A great many Mekhet fall in with the Carthians or the Lancea Sanctum, both of which have strong traditions of mskhet and secrecy to which the Shadows can lend their talents. While the clan certainly has coarse members, the Mekhet are, by and large, marked by a certain degree of finesse with whatever aspect of tenebrous unlife they choose to pursue. As the Beast gains ground, a Mekhet’s personality simply vanishes, leaving them frightening empty automatons. Just as shadow cannot exist without light, so too does light banish shadow.

From the Desk of the Shades of Norwich Storytellers: Clan Mekhet

In large cities, where their numbers are strong, many take flats in the mehket core, or at least within short distance of various urban hot spots or the Rack.

The Masquerade — Clam. Antiquities scholar, assassin, Casanova, diplomat, enforcer, fence, ghetto Harpy, pilgrim, policeman, power behind the praxis, seer tags: Mekhet Kindred very much consider themselves paragons of the vampiric state, so whatever they do, they devote themselves to it and refine their capacity almost to the point of second nature.


This article has multiple issues. Clan Mekhet clqn the gamut from filth-streaked murderers to enlightened philosopher-Princes and everything in between. A Daeva who has an opportunity to indulge his favorite vice and fails to do so finds his resolve weakened reflected in the game mechanics as lost Willpower points.

Mekhet bloodlines

The advisers, the silent watchers, the power behind a CEO, or the one who knows a politicians dirty little secrets. The Mekhet originated in Egypt and are believed to be one of the oldest clans.

Invictus Shadows are simply quieter about their covenant affiliation than their boastful brothers, or are at least more reserved about the reasons for their affiliation, which typically coincide with those of the Carthians or Lancea Sanctum. Others choose from popular mortal styles and fashions, attempting to blend in with the crowd by evading individual notice.

Newer Post Older Post Home. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. They favor the virtues of self: A few paranoid Shadows even take havens underground, where mekhef cohabitate or compete with Nosferatu for shelter from the sun.