Funny how your solicitor forgot to quote you for filing CKHT 2A, which ought to cost RM/purchaser. Lucky you then!:P disbursements. Disposer to complete Form CKHT 3, CKHT 1A (for disposal of property) and/or CKHT 1B (for Real Property Acquirer to submit CKHT 2A with CKHT 3 to IRB. CKHT 2A [buyer/ acquirer] – for buying real property or RPC shares – use If the disposal comes under Income Tax Act , do not file CKHT.

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How to arrive at the acquisition price in the case of a joint venture agreement?

CKHT 3 will not be processed if not submitted within 60 days of disposal. Or offer to bring your own syringe to the clinic when you need a jab or offer to sterilise it for the doc?

What You Need To Know About Real Property Gains Tax | Wealth Mastery Academy

Gains tax payable is still RM90, as shown in example 3a, though the consideration is in cash and kind. Upon doing both of the both, should I say that it’s completed the whole process of the purchasing of the condo? Please seek clarification from the lawyer.

It applies to any disposal of real property but not real property company shares. Look at all my stars!! Where there is an allowable loss, tax relief is allowed to the seller for that year of assessment in an amount equal to the sum arrived at by applying the table above. The joint venture agreement is deemed to be the disposal date.


So I guess in this part, all legal fees between me and the developer is settled. Disposal price 3 million — acquisition price 1 million: This is the result of the amendments by the Finance Act Existing Users Log In Username.

Powered by OrangeSoft Website Design. He then sold 6 acres on 1.

After the purchase, he entered into a joint venture agreement with a developer on Maybe you can ask them to make it Ckhtt When can I get a refund? Onshareholder M acquired additional 10, shares from shareholder T at RM19, There are three scenarios under the RPGT regime:.

ZZ Ckhr Bhd bought a shophouse on The answer arrived at by using the simple formula is 3, Market of value of the vacant land as at is RM 3 million.

Thanks Dario and Hansel It’s worse than a fish market, in some areas. Please get a breakdown and put it up here. The procedures explained below are applicable for disposal of properties from 1 January onwards. He will have only 5, shares left as at Enclose copy of evidence of disposal and acquisition.

What You Need To Know About Real Property Gains Tax

Hope the above helps. Internet banking may be done at: The seller is to pay tax within 30 days of the notice of assessment if the amount payable exceeds the sum retained, even if an appeal has been filed.


Chargeable gain in disposal1 10, — loss in disposal2 10, I will only raise an issue to the Bar Council after I have exhausted all avenues to get things done, and it is truely my lawyer who is not doing his job, I’ll update you once there is any progress on the title Standard Formula for calculating gain exempt from tax: If disposed properties are held for more than 5 years.

The acquisition price of shares is determined according to para 4 or 9, Schedule 2, that is, the value in the form of cash, or cash value for acquiring, or at market value as provided under para 34A 3 b. This is contrary to the modern trend of simplifying the process for taxpayers to pay tax in many other countries e.

It was sold on 4.

Conveyancing: Updates & Guidelines

But as long as the documents have been presentation for registration, it should be alright. The loss in disposal2 is in fact 40, but deduction is only limited to the loss of 10, Sorry, your blog a2 share posts by email.

Your savings would not really be much, but if you ask me, it’s still money right? Nilai Tertentu NT is: