Part of Cisco Small Business Voice Gateways and ATAs, the SPA Voice Gateway allows automatic routing of local calls from mobile phones and land lines. is a part of Cisco Small Business Voice Gateways and ATAs. It allows . The following instructions help use Linksys SPA properly and prevent accidents. Page 1 of 3. VoIP Setup Guide for Linksys (Cisco) SPA 1. Connect a telephone handset to the Phone 1 port. Check the IP Address of the phone adapter: 2.

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Troubleshooting This appendix describes some possible problems and solutions, spaa3102 well as frequently asked questions, regarding installation and use of the Voice Gateway.

Page 52 Page 53 – Figure Windows Help and are described in this appendix.

Cisco Linksys SPA3102 User Manual

Access to the Press 0 to disable. Firmware Upgrade Parameters The Voice Tab Router Status Page Specifications are subject to change without notice. Registering To The Service Provider Enter the forward number for the Call Forward Selective 3 feature. After entering a value, such as an IP address, press the pound key to indicate you have finished your selection. Then click the OK button. Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions Voice Gateway with Router 4.


Unique Profiles And Macro Expansion Call Progress Tones Section Pstn Disconnect Detection Section spa Voice Gateway with Router 9.

Logging With Syslog Connecting The Voice Gateway In the Open field, enter cmd. When you have finished making your change, click the Submit All Changes button to save the changes, or click the Undo All Changes wpa3102 to undo your change. System Status Section Cfwd Ring Splash Len. Pppoe Settings Section Internet Telephony Service Provider itsp Enabling Secure Calls Basic Administration And Configuration Hear the network or subnet mask assigned to the Voice Gateway.

Voice Gateway with Router Figure Restart the computer if asked.

Cisco Linksys SPA Manuals

Configuring Sip Timer Values Interdigit Long Timer incomplete Entry Timer Glossary This glossary contains some basic networking terms you may come across when using this product. Ata Voice Field Reference Select yes or no for each port forwarding entry, which defines a port range to be forwarded to a server. Product Information Section Follow these steps to set up online game hosting or use a certain Internet application: Multicasting allows for multiple transmissions to cisxo recipients at the same time.


Call Progress Tones spa And Spa Launch the web browser on the PC. The Back Panel visco Configuring The Voice Gateway Then press the Enter key.

Rtp Parameters Section Voice Gateway with Router D. Displayed here is the number of milliseconds for decoder latency. Don’t have an account? Page 35 Maximum Uplink Speed.

Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Voice Gateway with Router ip internet protocol: Linksys Visit Linksys online for information on the latest products and updates to your existing products at: Entering a Password You may be prompted to enter a password when you want to reset the Voice Gateway to its factory default settings.

Click the OK button to go back to the previous screen. Sample Configuration File Use this screen to configure the user password.