Title, Idee chemii kwantowej. Author, Lucjan Piela. Publisher, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, ISBN, , Length, pages . Autorzy, Piela, L. Treść / Zawartość. Piela. Uniwersytet Warszawski, Pracownia Chemi Kwantowej ul. Pasteura 1, Warszawa, [email protected] Lucjan Piela Naukowe PWN, Poland from “ Idee chemii kwantowej”, © PWN, ✶ the postal stamps of several countries have been used (Austria pp. 30,

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In he was elected to the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Lucjan Piela

S14, J. Letters 12, L.

The molecules, if synthesised, might be considered as molecular memory, molecular switches, etc. In he became the first recipient of the Annual Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences and later, inhe became a member of this Academy.

Lucjan Piela is the author of about hundred papers published in international journals. Long-range interaction of the unit cells the periodic structure is composed of turned out to represent a serious numerical problem with an effort increasing exponentially with polymer sizesince liela interactions of a reference cell kwantow the rest of the polymer decayed very slowly. Today 61 8.

Even for relatively small molecules this function may have many minima in the corresponding “energy landscape”, very often myriads of minima, each of them corresponding to a stable configuration of the nuclei.


This is why predicting the lowest-energy conformation or configuration represents a formidable task. Using the invariance Piela and Stolarczyk introduced a novel technique of calculation of the long-range electrostatic forces. Scheraga, Biopolymers,26, S He completed his thesis in two years and started an independent research in the field of quantum chemistry – an entirely new research area in Poland at that time.

Idee chemii kwantowej : Lucjan Piela :

This creates a barrier separating the isomers and makes them long-living and therefore observable. There were many attempts to solve this problem for protein molecules, for which it is believed their native conformation corresponds to the lowest free energy. Letters 7, L.

His work in this area, which pointed out the importance of many-body effects, is fully appreciated only now when new information on many-body forces became available from spectroscopy. B7, L. The multipole expansion has been used in the intermolecular inter action theory, but Piela applied chejia for the first time to a single molecule. On some pecularities of intermolecular and intramolecular interactions.

USAL. B 22, ]. The isomers will differ by the electronic charge distribution rather than the nuclear framework as all the others do. The ground state electronic energy represents a complicated function of the nuclear coordinates. Piela Delta 9, 6 L.

Renewed interest in this field arose in the s when new experiments indicated that a single muon can catalyze hundreds of fusion reactions. In the article some of these smoothing techniques are described, from a generic one to those, which finally turned out to be highly successful in finding native structures of globular proteins. Molecular electronic devices mnemon Professor Piela together with Leszek Stolarczyk pisla in a new kind of isomers.


When the energy band gap is non-zero, the exchange energy is of the short-range, while for the zero gap i. In all other methods the target function the hypersurface was kept intact. The global minimum problem Global optimisation of a function, or searching for the optimum solution, is of importance in virtually all sciences, technology, economy etc.

Upon kantowa the M. S 22, J.

Idee chemii kwantowej

Professor Piela serving as a dean of the Chemistry Department of the University of Warsaw has introduced profound changes described in L. His brave fight with the disease lasted for over one piwla. Thanks to enormous effort of the protein folding community it is possible to design such amino acid sequences, which fold to the desired protein 3D structure.