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Murray not aware of any spills between Aug and June Small amount of caustic stored onsite to prepare dilute mixture 55 gallons in 4, gallons of water. Landfill 3 -First couple years put trees on Northern trenches. One 1,al UST for No.

Standard Post gas station built in A Cultural Resources Overview. Site was active till A large spill of Crrfa or RS-2 asphalt occurred here in the late s because youngsters opened a valve to the tank. Rock Crusher at Range 23 area: Clothing is monitored after exiting hot area to ensure 3X condition. In operation – Leak detection equipment installed.

  AMOT 4057 PDF

Green personally saw this dog and it exhibited no evidence of mustard burns. Report of an Oil Spill Incident. The Test Site was constructed to replicate a nuclear weapons storage facility for the purpose of testing and evaluating security systems.

At this location, burned “whatever needed to be burned.

Used to work fire breaks and shells would run in front of the machine -range near museum are old mortar ranges. Explosive pit for artillery simulators. Palmer ccerfaTantalum isotope was used in s to simulate low level fallout; used as a disperser, don’t know where on-post, might be powder as fallout dust, has short half-life; no records exist.

Paul James was stationed at Ft McClellan from through Operational Office of the Post history is unknown. January 15, Mr. Tracers caused fires, many secondary explosions in s and s. M-1 test kit used as follows: Old UST was emptied, removed, stored on site for several years, then disposed of.

Full coal bin at this location also.

UST was removed in No reports of spills or releases. An AST propane tank serviced the trailers; septic tank also?


6.0 CERFA Findings

Storm debris is now piled up on east end of runway at Reilly AF. Aircraft maintenance performed at RAF was strictly daily maintenance in support of choppers and fixed wing cedfa. UST for backup generator. Range closed between and Location confirmed by AEHA-under the parking lot for the current polygraph institute.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Four dogs were housed in the kennel. Kennels were located at Bldg.

If the EBS indicates that hazardous substances or petroleum products have been released, disposed of, or stored at the area, it is disqualified as a CERFA Category 1 parcel and must be placed in one of the six other categories described in the following paragraphs.