CD Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. The YD is a bipolar integrated circuit for use in mono portable and pocket radios. It is used when a minimum of peripheral components (of. cd datasheet, cd datasheets, cd pdf, cd price, cd buy, cd stock.

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The best rule of thumb when assembling circuit boards is to start with the lowest height components and progress to the tallest ones. Small flat-blade screwdriver to perform the variable-cap tuning procedure. Next, solder the speaker wires with both yellow wires going to one SP terminal respectively.

I would dxtasheet very grateful if someone could help me. In my case, I ended up substituting a salvaged from another piece of broken equipment … but this is why having two kits with the intention of making just one might be useful.

Check the orientation of the plastic holder and the PCB slot, and glue it into place so it holds cd088 ferrite rod parallel to the PCB. Getting to this stage takes about an hour. Take note of the orientation, insert, bend leads, solder and clip leads until all the electrolytics are cs9088.

Next, try to close the case hooking over the headphone out jack first, and then clipping in the tuning dial side.

Project: Paeansonic CF210SP CD9088+CD7642 AM/FM Radio Kit

I have also had issues in getting the stations in the right place on the dial. Once that is soldered into place, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the worst part is over. Datssheet AM rod antenna connections can be made by looping out the enamelled wire over the top of the PCB is best and tack soldering the ends to AM terminals.


January 25, at 1: That way you can flip the board over and solder the leaded parts without them sliding down to the table. January 17, at datashret Start by securing the PCB to the front of the case using a short tapping screw on the stud in-between the volume and tuning dials. Superglue is not preferable because it cracks when the case is flexed, but should still work somewhat adequately.

March 23, at Ordering two ensures that you have some spares in case things do go wrong … This post will be a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors.

I did have problems with the jack but left it misaligned.

The radio is out of tune! The other two battery terminals form the positive and negative. Once roughly in place, you can take the AM-FM mode switch, deburr the plastic and push it through the exterior casing over the switch.

The hiss swamps out the signal at low volumes which are comfortable for listening in a quiet room … which is disappointing. Take the time to align the IC in the correct position and solder opposing pins. Well, it took 2 months for my kit to arrive, the PCB was bowed, and some of the caps were illegible, but it worked on the first try. Sounds like a demented wasp trying to escape a Dxtasheet can. That leaves the TDAwhich is a stereo audio amplifier chip to drive speakers and headphones.

The unit has an IF of about 70kHz, and features a frequency locked loop with internal muting of weak signals. Think its a cute little radio for the price and works quite well with local stations both fm and am in the Winnipeg area.


The values can either be read or checked with a meter. The reamed hole first the jack a fd9088 better. Continuing on, the board is completed with the population of resistors.

CDCB Даташит – Monolithic Power FM radio tuner – Datasheetcom

September 8, at 1: So, I rummaged on xd9088 looking for radio kits, and surprisingly, there were quite a few! Use the slightly different machine screw to secure the antenna to the rear casing.

Frank McCaffery Dec 20 Assembled without too much trouble. Repeat for finding a known station, but instead adjust the left brass screw — the higher one. Click for more about me! By now, most of the remaining components are resistors or capacitors.

April 25, at The AM reception is as per most TRF receivers — not particularly high quality and it seems that this is prone to overload. Hopefully if they forget dd9088 include the data sheets, I can print out yours.

CD9088CB Даташит — Monolithic Power FM radio tuner

If I was doing this again, as I did for my second kit, I would populate the resistors before the capacitors mainly because the clearance to get resistors flush on the board is limited once the capacitors are installed. However, you might encounter some critical issues here. Secure the rear datashert the case to the front using three long tapping screws on the exposed holes, and a short tapping screw on the hole inside the battery compartment.

After that, actually getting any practical usage out of it would be pretty much a bonus.