Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 5 by Silvanus P. Thompson. Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson. No cover available. Calculus Made Easy is a book on calculus originally published in by Silvanus P. Thompson, considered a classic and elegant introduction to the subject. New York, N.Y. The original edition of Calculus Made Easy was written by Silvanus P. Thompson and published in , with subsequent editions in.

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Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus Phillips Thompson

My judgement of the cover notwithstanding, Thompson does manage to demystify an intimidating topic. Views Read Edit View history.

Calculus made easy was a fun, easy, and elegant transition from simple algebra into the world of calculus.

Aug 15, Rod Jr. I have been doing some reading that requires brushing up on my integration.

Calculus Made Easy

Gathering for Gardner Martin Gardner bibliography. Martin’s Press first published Nevertheless the edition I read, which incidentally I downloaded for nothing from the Internet Archive because it’s out of copyright, was very readable and it’s antiquated style only served to enhance my enjoyment. I myself learned calculus in much the same way as it is This book definitely makes calculus easy, by presenting it with simple enough concepts that are then backed up by the mathematics needed to understand them.

So highly recommended to a bright high-schooler or baffled undergrad, ideally to be followed by A Primer of Infinitesimal Analysisif you can convince people that you don’t need the standard analysis curriculum. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Aug 30, Arnaud Wolff rated it really liked it. It then follows the standard pattern of teaching differentiation first, building up the formulas, until it then applies the knowledge to integration and the different methods for it.


It would’ve made it the book better if it had a chapter on Limits as well. There are plenty of more modern and more rigorous books on calculus available for free online, but I have never seen one that’s this approachable and charming, truth be told.

Calculus made easy is one of the best science and math books that I have read to date.

About Silvanus Phillips Thompson. This book is definitely worth the read. No wonder many people still look at math students as possessing a form of ‘genius’ that is both threatening and alienating at the same time.

I was attracted to this book by its title, which struck me as unusual forwhen my edition was published, and its contents didn’t disappoint. Mad props for being the first calculus text I didn’t hate, and actually being fun. The original text continues to be available as of from Macmillan and Co. This cuts to the bone and is well written. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Calculus is first introduced with integrals, to first teach infinitesimals and why they are interesting.

Feb 25, Dan Perik rated it really liked it. He has transformed this classic primer into a modern masterpiece that explains the timeless concepts of calculus in a contemporary and user-friendly voice. Calculus Made Easy is a book on infinitesimal calculus originally published in thopson Silvanus P.

The simplicity that they had mangled has all been straightened out under the thopson and clear pen of Sylvanus P. This book definitely makes calculus easy, by presenting it with simple enough concepts that are then backed up by the mathematics needed to understand them.

Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson

The author does indeed present the subject in a way that is easy to understand, and in a style that is entertaining. It’s been pointed out by others that Martin Gardner’s changes for the thkmpson are of dubious value, and I agree. Sep 20, Ruchita rated it really liked it Shelves: But my knowledge about Calculus was very limited. Calculus Made Easy Author s: This isn’t all the other calculus books out there. The book has real simple language and of course since this a book about an advanced concept, the reader is expected to have some background in Mathematics.


I’m a software developer and have had my interests in Mathematics for quite some time now.

However, if you want an exhaustive reference book or a textbook suitable for college level engineering or mathematics, there are better books out there because this book lacks rigour and does not dive into deeper, more advanced topics and applications of calculus. But let’s be honest: Feb 13, Ethan Hulbert rated it it was amazing Shelves: Of all the math books I’ve read, this one is by far the most exciting. Calculud it again in college and hated it. The preface helps, but the reviews and side notes that Martin added are calvulus if they look like they were part of the original book.

Overall, it serves my intended purpose of refreshing myself and solidifying the concepts I learnt in high school, which I learnt by rote-learning then. Although I tgompson don’t understand calculus I really enjoyed reading this book.

The book is a fun, cheap, and somewhat dated way to get into calculus. I really got a feel for how important it was for Thompson to remove the intimidation from calculus.